‘From Cradle To Stage’ TV Series Produced By DAVE GROHL + VIRGINIA GROHL Announced

Dave Grohl, and his mum Virginia Grohl, have just announced via Foo Fighters socials, the TV series release of ‘From Cradle To Stage’.

The series will be made available through streaming platform Paramount+ in the US from Mothers Day, May 6.

Watch the 20 second trailer HERE

“I believe that the relationship between a musician and their mother is so important because it’s the foundation of their understanding of love, which is surely every artist’s greatest muse. Having the opportunity to travel the country and tell the stories of these amazing women behind the curtain not only shed some light on the music that they inspired, but also made me appreciate the love that I was given from my own mother, my best friend. It goes without saying that we are all indebted to the women who have given us life. For without them, there would be no music.” Dave Grohl

The TV series is based on Virginia Grohl’s book ‘From Cradle To Stage’, released in 2017 and featured interviews with Miranda Lambert, Geddy Lee, Tom Morello, Brandi Carlile, Pharrell Williams, Dan Reynolds, and their mums.

Watch the original launch video for the book featuring Dave here: From Cradle To Stage – YouTube

From Cradle To Stage:

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