Electronic Pop Artist BUSY MIND Releases Self-Titled EP

BUSY MIND is the project of Perth-based artist, Harrison Read. A fusion of electronic experimentation, pop melodies and a 70’s brit-psychedelic vocal, his self-titled EP has the vibe of a whiskey bar slow groove, and four tracks really isn’t enough. 

A collection of songs dedicated to those close to his heart, BUSY MIND – which he began writing in November 2019 – is a reflection on and a celebration of good times.

“This EP is basically an ode to my closest friends and family. A celebration of good times but an understanding and reflection of the lows as well. It was written and demoed in my bedroom studio and brought to life by Andy Lawson at Debaser studios.”

READ’s pianist ear and years of experience slinging a guitar with rock bands certainly shines through each track. With catchy melodies reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala and Lime Cordiale, a slight sprinkle of disco to his electronic beats and seriously catchy vocal melodies, BUSY MIND is the start of what is undoubtedly an exciting solo career for the Perth-based musician. 

“The EP is an attempt at exploring as many sounds as I can to break out of a comfort zone I find myself writing in sometimes. Whilst I’m very heavily based in indie rock, my tastes vary from early 60’s Brit Pop to club House music, and I just wanted to incorporate that range as much as I could. Plus it makes the whole experience a lot more fun and exciting.”

BUSY MIND‘s Self-Titled EP is OUT NOW

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