FANCY FACE Deliver New Single ‘Valium’

“It’s ragged and skuzzy and full of life and if you’re a Delta Riggs (fan), then Fancy ace will be in your hitting zone.” Declan Byrne – triple j 

“Those guitars are EMPHATIC and the layered vocals give this an extra slice of depth. Bitta hi-qual blues rock outta Melbourne right here.” Tommy Faith – triple j Unearthed 

Melbourne indie-rock five-piece Fancy Face are kicking off their second year as a group with their groove-laden new single Valium; a cruising tune that will teleport listeners to a magical place where only happiness is allowed and the pressures of life, work, and relationships are brought to a peaceful calm. 

Listen to Valium here.

Recorded and mixed at Milk Bar studio in Melbourne by one of Fancy Face’s founding inspirations, Alex Markwell of The Delta Riggs, Valium is a song about the need to find calm in life, work and relationships and to take a breather from the struggles of day to day life that can sometimes stifle happiness. 

“We wrote Valium as an opportunity for anyone who wants to listen to hit the pause button and find some calum in their life. Take a chill pill, relax and enjoy ourselves. The problems that we’re all put-on by will be there once we’ve sorted ourselves out first,” said guitarist and vocalist Aaron Bach. 

A fresh group for the bustling creative hub of Melbourne, Fancy Face were brought together by a shared admiration for Aussie rockers Dope Lemon and The Growlers, and have since grown together as a group creating a layered sound of modern Australian indie-rock influenced by the classics.

“This last year has been hard on everyone. Not just because of the pandemic, but all the pressures of our day to day lives have just been amplified,” said guitarist Julia Maria. “The band started as this chance to pause the tough things in life and put a bit of calm over those really intense emotions. The more time we spent together, the more we realised that what we were doing was more than just bandaid for a tough time – we’re together for the long run.” 

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