APATE Sign To Human Warfare + Release New Single ‘Gasoline Anthem’

Brisbane heavy hitters APATE have re-emerged and they are showing no mercy with their new single Gasoline Anthem out now via their new home Human Warfare

Building on a bedrock of metalcore with a healthy slab of nu metal and smatterings of grunge and industrial influences, dissonance rains down in Gasoline Anthem. The tag-team vocals from Zakk Ludwig (screams) and Caleb Patch (singing) oscillate as the song reflects upon fracture marks that are present in a family structure and dealing with the trauma later in life.

Zakk Ludwig explains: “Lyrically, Gasoline Anthem is the process I went through as I slowly came to terms with my upbringing and the things I went through. Although I experienced a lot of things that a child should never be subject to, like physical, mental, drug and alcohol abuse, as an adult I have come to realize that it shaped me into who I am now. It has solidified to me that I don’t want to perpetuate the same vicious and violent cycle that was once inflicted on me.”

Underestimate APATE. Go on, we dare you. Beginning like a creature watching from the shadows, the Brisbane-based band have developed their craft quietly and unassumingly. Growing into their patchworked sonic skin, APATE are a band who bleed out their experiences, with their songs reflecting a chaos of the mind.

Sharing stages with scene heavyweights like PolarisThornhillBorn Of Osiris, Void Of Vision and She Cries Wolf, APATE have already heavily and resolutely delivered the messages of their 2017 EP, ‘Spit You Out.’ 2021 is poised to be APATE’s biggest year yet, starting with their signing to Human Warfare – a heavy music label created and run by Andy Marsh (Thy Art Is Murder). As part of Human Warfare, APATE join a roster of notable heavy bands from around the globe, including Fit For An AutopsyEnterprise EarthVein and Australia’s extreme metal luminaries Thy Art Is Murder.

“I started Human Warfare on a bit of a whim a few years ago as a vehicle to put out Thy Art Is Murder and Fit For An Autopsy’s records and it has very slowly and gently expanded over that time. The label was really just a way for me to learn a bit more about the industry that has given me an education, a career, and countless outlets for expressing myself. In a fashion that is true to myself and the other roles I try to occupy as a manager, it made sense for me to only sign bands that I had a genuine personal interest in, be it musical, personal or otherwise,” explains Marsh.

“Sean Delander (my band mate for over 10 years in TAIM) has recently gotten into recording and producing bands and brought APATE to my attention after working on their recent projects. I met with the guys over Zoom and we immediately got along fantastically, and I saw great potential in some of the demos I was hearing so I figured they fit the criteria of a band that I could work with. They might not be the most extreme or heavy band on the label, but they have a lust for life and creativity and I am too glad to be able to help nurture their endeavours moving forward.”

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