L. FLORA Open Up The Sky With EP ‘Heavenly’ + Contemplative Music Video

‘Poison Ivy’ premiered on Triple J (Monday, 8th of February)

“Paints an exciting picture of what might be to come from the band when their new EP drops March 12th”
 – Purple Sneakers [About ‘Poison Ivy’]

“My first five star review! Tight, wavy & exciting. Keep it coming L. Flora!”
5 / 5 Stars Bridie Tanner, Triple J [About ‘Poison Ivy’]

“Future soul to get you in such a good zone.” – 4 / 5 Stars Declan Byrne, Triple J [About single ‘Bigger It Gets’]

“Four stars because all four members are really bringing their A-game on this. Filling a little jazz-pop shaped hole in my heart.” – 4 / 5 Stars Gemma Pike, Triple J [About single ‘Bigger It Gets’]

“A lush neo-soul offering that gazes off the edge of the precipice.” – Happy Mag [About ‘Bigger It Gets’]

“We are going to immediately put this band down on the must-see list for 2019.” – theMusic [About ‘Bigger It Gets’]

It was just the other week that L. Flora released their entwining lead single Poison Ivy, to help set the tone for their new 6-track EP ‘Heavenly’ (out now).

Bursting with their future-soul, L. Flora are opening up the sky with this new EP as they blend hopscotching drums and pads, fluttering guitar, swelling keys, spiralling saxophone and the enchanting neo-soul melodies from frontwoman, Millie Khalu.

Moving away from the heartbroken themes in their debut, self-titled album (released in 2018), ‘Heavenly’ is uplifting, inspiring and optimistic as it explores personal strength, lust, hunger and appreciation for self-worth and being present.

Opening the EP is Igna, a short, sharp introduction that is beaming with hope, symbolising the light leading a way out of a world of darkness. 

The title track Heavenly oozes warmth and joy as the band roll like waves. In L. Flora’s fashion –with all of their instrumental complexity– they have laid-down an enlivening and upbeat track that draws from a palette of rich tones, exotic rhythms and chord structures. Khalu lets her soulful lyrics flow as she expresses the importance of relationships and an appreciation of those who are present in one’s life. 

Birds and the Bees follows breaking up the EP with cool, punctuated funk verses contrasted by smooth, jazz-like choruses. As the title suggests, this one has Khalu moving with a swagger as she combs through the sweet temptations of lust, love and thirst.

L. Flora’s suspenseful lead single Poison Ivy (released February 12) comes in next with Millie Khalu soaring above with her enchanting neo-soul melodies before swooping down with her tongue-twisting lyrical wordplay. 

Taking a turn from L. Flora’s typical sound is Bombafied. Taking an electro-pop approach with drum pads, slow-attacking synth and RnB-inspired lyrical flows, the track gives way into soulful choruses representative of the emotional highs of love.

Proud closes out the EP and is a slow-burning number that builds under the dreamy tones of the keys and Khalu’s elegant call to arms and as she states, “It’s a declaration to never hold back and to harness the strength that lives within”. A gentle drum beat works its way in with finger-picked guitar before the band burst out in a passionate and thrilling close.

Throughout L. Flora’s previous releases, the band have seen support from Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, Purple Sneakers, theMusic, AAA Backstage, Scenestr, 4ZZZ and much more. They’ve also supported acts including Rafiq Bhatia (US), Phantastic Ferniture and Clea and festivals like Jungle Love (2018), Mountain Goat Valley Crawl (2019) and Super Sounds (2019). 

‘Heavenly’ is out NOW. 

Stream Lead Single Poison Ivy 

Stream ‘Heavenly’ EP


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