Q&A’S: René Le Feuvre Talks Us Through His New Video For ‘Little Boy’

Words/Interview by Emily Hollitt {Emily Hollitt – Content Writer + Malina Claire}

When thinking of the Gold Coast music scene, you’re most definitely thinking of René Le Feuvre. An emerging name in the local scene, René’s career started with humble beginnings – busking on the streets of North Queensland. Relocating to the Gold Coast originally to pursue an AFL career with the Gold Coast Suns, Le Feuvre quickly realised where his passions truly lied; with music. And he hasn’t really slowed down since.

His career has skyrocketed as early as 2018, with a little help with his appearance on The Voice where he was coached by Boy George. He has also taking the Top 3 spot in Nashville’s Rising Song Competition the following year and a top 40 nomination in the renowned Vanda and Young Global Songwriting Competition earlier this year. If it wasn’t for the COVID-19 pandemic, René would have found himself in Austin, Texas performing at their prestigious SXSW Festival last year. He didn’t let this set back stop him from following his passion and knuckled down to release his heartfelt EP ‘Watch Me Fall’, which he launched with a SOLD OUT Miami Marketta launch show. His drive and perseverance caught the attention of Checked Music Services/ Kobalt Music Publishing who have signed René for global representation, shooting him off to whole new heights.

This year, the young artist has blessed us with his latest offering Little Boy, a guitar-driven upbeat pop track detailing the struggles of life and finding your passion, fitting perfectly with his rollercoaster career trajectory to get him where he is today. The production is energetic and forward-driven, representing the core message of the song. “I’ll show you the man you’re gonna be” he sings to finish each chorus, representing how he has motivated himself through all of life’s turbulent changes. The music video, released earlier this week, captures this perfectly. It shows René sitting in one spot in a solely white room dressed in all white. The lights are bright, capturing the positive message of the song. Slowly, he is grabbed and pulled around, has different coloured paints and colours thrown on him and different things poured on him as the video grows more and more chaotic. But, as the song suggests, he takes it all like a champ.

We were lucky enough to take a few minutes of René’s time in his busy schedule to talk to us about his new video, his new music and his career in general.

I really love your new single Little Boy. Can you talk us through what the song is about and what your songwriting process was like?

Thank you! I wrote the riff one night when I was lying on my bed with the guitar, so I got up and wrote the first verse. The first verse was a reflection of how I was feeling at the time with all the hype around my time on The Voice. I finished the song in Nashville in 2018 in my Airbnb. The message behind the song is that basically whatever is thrown at you (in my case challenges in the music industry) if you’re brave and determined enough you’ll write your own future regardless of whatever anyone else thinks!

 With the release of your amazing video to go with the track, can you take us through a little bit about how this video came about and how the imagery matched with the songs’ core concepts?

As I mentioned about everything being “thrown at you”… that’s literally what we did!! I had people around me throwing paint and water and powder and feather going through a pedestal fan… we had to the shots in one take too which was crazy! I wanted it to be visual and have replay value, and I think we achieved this.

With so much going on in the video, I’d imagine you’d have to pretty much nail the performance in one shot! What was the preparation and filming process like?

I keep half answering your questions haha! Yes a lot of sitting down and planning out each shot. My weakness is being able to explain things, so I’m grateful for my friend and videographer/director Bianca Hinton for making this possible.

I really love the way your music blends folk/rock elements with more traditional pop. What artists/ bands would you credit in helping you form your sound?

Thank you! I always find it hard answering this question, as for me I release music not based on a branding but more as a personality. My sound is constantly evolving as I listen to different types of music and draw inspiration from things around me. Most of my writing is inspired by Ed Sheeran and
Passenger. I love their way of storytelling, their integrity as artists and their individuality. I guess those three things are what I want to be the common denominator in my music.

2020 seemed like it was set to be a pretty wonderful year for you with securing 2 showcases at last year’s SXSW Music Festival and Conference all the way in Texas if it hadn’t been for the unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic. What kept you focused and motivated despite this great opportunity loss to release your EP and sell out your Miami Marketta show?

That was definitely a test but I always look on the bright side of things. Although I’d lost so much opportunity, I was healthy with a roof over my head and got to isolate and work on my family’s farm in North Queensland, so I still considered myself lucky! (Until my car and music gear got stolen but that’s another story haha!). The lockdown actually gave me time to reflect and take a breather. I wrote some good music during that time and released it under my EP ‘Watch me Fall’.

You’ve had a super successful run so far, and so early in your career. What has been the highlight for you so far? Whether it be a release or a live performance, anything!

It’s been a blur and it’s not until I stop and think that I realise how far I’ve come since growing up in my small remote country town. I made so many memories on The Voice and in Nashville in 2019, and was over the moon with my Vander and Young songwriting nomination, but undoubtably the most rewarding part for me is making a difference in people’s lives through my music. I’ve had a few people open up and say that my music has saved their lives and being able to have this kind of influence and connectivity with someone I’ve never met is something I’ll never take for granted as an artist. It’s extremely humbling, and it’s my greatest gift.

What 3 albums would you say have been defining you not only as an artist but as a person?

‘x’ by Ed Sheeran, ‘Hell Freezes Over’ by The Eagles and ‘Songs in the Key of Love’ by Stevie Wonder.

You’ve been a pretty integral part of the local Gold Coast and Brisbane scene for quite some time now. Who else in your scene would you say has music you enjoy the most or that you are the most inspired by?

INDYANNA I think is the most understated and most talented musician on the Gold Coast. I think Harry J Hart and India Dupriez also have a spark of something and have promising futures ahead of them. Saint Barae has also been killing it lately. I could listen to these guys all day.

What advice do you have for anyone who may come across this interview that might want to get into music themselves, particularly in the local area.

Strap in for a big one haha. If you’re passionate, do it otherwise you’ll regret not ever trying.

And finally, what can we expect next from you?

New and fresh music! I cannot hold my excitement for my next few releases! Also a tour to Melbourne, Sydney, Sunny Coast, Brisbane and, of course, the Gold Coast! 

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Little Boy and it’s accompanying video are available NOW on all platforms!

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