ELLA FENCE Drops Music Video For ‘More To Life’ From New EP ‘No Thank You’

Ella Fence has released her new 5 Track EP, ‘NO THANK YOU’, available now across digital platforms. Dropping alongside the EP is the music video for focus track, More to Life. Manifested during the Covid lock down, More to Life is a musical examination of societies addiction, that despite best intentions there’s still a culture that demands people mask over emotional battles with a smile.

It’s a song that documents that sometimes we have to wear multiple faces to adapt and cope with life. We live in a world whereby you have to be constantly “on”, forever pressured to be the most fantastic version of yourself, all day, every day,” says Ella. “It’s exhausting and unrealistic.”

More To Life acknowledges the facades we all have to wear, the “painted on smile” that camouflages pain. It doesn’t encourage anyone to dwell on feeling low, though, and it isn’t about wallowing or being defeated. Its narrative underpins a summoning of personal strength, a strength that motivates you to vanquish troubled times. The song offers a realistic perspective that we can’t constantly “seize the day”. 

The More to Life video clip highlights a clowns lot in life. Ella explains, “The  clown’s always expected to be upbeat, entertaining and forever smiling, bringing joy to the world. The frenetic Big Top, ring master, high wire tight ropes and roller coasters is, I believe, the perfect imagery, that symbolises life’s sometimes chaotic wild ride.”
Heavily atmospheric, emotional and intense, it celebrates life’s wonderful moments, while appreciating human beings can fall into a wounded state and need time to rejuvenate, before once again taking on the world.

Watch More to Life by Ella Fence:

Released through Golden Robot Records, ‘NO THANK YOU’ is a wonderful collection of new music from Ella Fence and is, as always, sublime and inspirational.

Ella continues to work outside the bullshit pre-existing order of the music industry and has recorded, without fear or favour, an EP that is elegant and experimental, a mix of pop electro beats and soaring cinematic vocals. Ella has tendency to do things differently and this engaging EP is no different.

‘NO THANK YOU’ is a beautiful example of sweet and succulent vocals blended with popish energy and soul all bundled in an unapologetically explorative, emotional and intense listening experience, from an artiste who would rather make her own trail than follow a pre-ordained path.

More to Life
This Was Supposed to be my Freedom
Move to Slow
Known Better



Thanks to Golden Robot Records

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