SAMMY HONEYSETT Lists Top 5 Favourite Cakes To Smash Into People’s Faces On The Back Of New Video

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Sammy Honeysett has just revealed a ludicrous accompanying video for her single I C UR LIPS – shot, directed, and edited by Michael Conlon.

Shot on a tennis court with a burlesque dining set up, the video’s plot features Sammy and her escort, played by Sully Cantle, whose absurd table etiquette leads to multiple satirical outcomes. Featuring an abundance of slow-motion shots, surreal close-ups, and some harsh red aesthetic, the clip is a nod to Sammy’s self-deprecating remembrance of bad dates.

The clip ALSO sees her smashing a cake into a guys face… so naturally, she decided to write a piece on her Top 5 Favourite Cakes to Smash into People’s Faces!

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Often when people think of cake they think of their stomachs and eating it… But since my latest music video is about a bad date which resulted in smashing a slice in my date’s face, I’ve put together a list of the best 5 cakes to smash in someone’s face (in my opinion).

The cake smash started from a supposed Roman tradition where they would smash a wheat or barley cake into their new bride’s head. Romantic, right? Eyeroll.

5. Cheesecake: Cheesecakes are a classic & undoubtedly make an appearance at many events. Cheesecakes have great height and depth! Mix that with the perfect thick consistency – similar to eggnog – apply generously and it should stick, so push with no fear!!

4. Pavlova: How do you know when a pavlova is done right? A perfectly baked pav should look pale and dry at the bottom but come out thick, sticky & feel similar to a toasted marshmallow. The best thing about this cake is the layers! The top is nothing but fresh whipped cream and fruit, and the combo of soft to crunchy layers is a dynamic duo you couldn’t possibly resist from smashing into one’s face.

3. Vanilla Sponge: This household fave, sheet cake is extremely commonplace. It’s super easy to find at almost any grocery store or bakery. A large sheet cake also allows for multiple uses. You may even have some left over from that birthday party you threw for your kid or maybe you’re mad at your parents or colleague, it’s all-in good fun.

2. Ice-Cream Cake: This gorgeous cake is a flashback to your 90’s Maccas party! When you’d get a Freddo ice cream cake, oh boy was it on!! Take it out of your freezer and thaw it at room temperature for 10 to 15 minutes, maximum for eating temp. Many people think that ice cream requires a long time to thaw. Perfect cake face throwing temp is after about 20-30 mins of thawing out! It should be a frosty soft cold face splat that’s relatively kid friendly, and perfect for summer.

1. Chocolate, Cream & Strawberry Cake: This is my ultimate favourite cake: it’s overly dense and typically has too much liquid in the making but that’s what makes it so moist and holds it together really well when made right. Whisking butter and sugar together is one essential tip to make the cake spongy, fluffy and moist! You can just buy this cake from Woolies or Coles but making one yourself is essential if you’re planning the best cake smash ever. I personally love this cake and chose it for my latest music video to smash in my bad date’s face because it’s spot on for the perfect grip in your hands, complete with the unity of texture to really rub it in their face, but it’s still soft enough that no one will get hurt.

Sammy has also just revealed her pensive debut EP ‘Queen of Wands’ – produced by Jack Nigro (Julia JacklinMiddle KidsDMA’s).

‘Queen of Wands’ is five tracks of wistful indie-rock, complete with assertive melodies and sensitive instrumentation and authentic lyrics that accurately reflect Sammy’s determination and prominence as a rising artist.

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