NOiZE Recordings, a joint venture label between international songwriter, producer and hit-maker Jarrad Rogers and Sony Music Entertainment Australia is proud to announce its latest signing, Bipolar Sunshine.

Based in Los Angeles and raised in Manchester, the enigmatic artist, whose real name is Adio Marchant, creates poetic social tales of love and loss. Prior to this project, Marchant reached the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 with collaborations on the tracks Middle by DJ Snake and Whole Heart by Gryffin.

“I knew I was great hands when I spent a lot time (via zoom) talking with Emile [NOiZE Group Creative Director] and Jarrad about the full process and what I wanted to achieve with my latest project, Bipolar Sunshine says. “It’s rare that you meet people who share a similar passion in allowing the art to flourish first. Which for me is extremely important. The NOiZE team have really placed many incredible new ideas and concepts in front of me that will only enhance what I’m doing. I feel they have the drive to become one of the top labels. I can feel that we have many great times ahead.”

NOiZE Recordings Label President Jarrad Rogers says:
“An artist vision, both musically and visually, is the lifeblood of NOiZE Recordings. It’s the substance that makes us tick! To have an artist of the calibre and depth of Bipolar Sunshine trust us to help bring this vision to life is a huge honour for us. Not long after Bipolar signed, he posted ‘Bipiolar 2.0’ across his socials. That was a moment for me. A moment where I realised this project is going to be the coming together of a deeper vision, a message that Bipolar Sunshine is wanting to share with the world. It’s also a bringing together of all his incredible creative ideas into one central universe. A universe his fans can dive deep into. Interact with. Become a part of. The challenge was set! Can’t wait for the world to see what is next in his journey!”

Bipolar Sunshine joins artists ASHWARYA and GG McG on the growing NOiZE Recordings roster.

NOiZE Recordings, helmed by Label President Jarrad Rogers, has decades of experience writing, producing and collaborating with the likes of DiploMark RonsonCharli XCX and more. NOiZE is a creative collective of people unafraid to challenge the boundaries of what is considered commercial/popular.

Stay tuned for new music from Bipolar Sunshine via NOiZE Recordings this Winter.

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With thanks to Sony Music Australia

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