ROLLING STONE + YOUNG HENRYS BREWERY Come Together To Craft A Beer – The Unifier

Rolling Stone, the legendary music and culture authority, and Young Henrys, the Newtown, Australia-based brewery, announce the launch of ‘The Unifier’. The limited-edition hazy pale is inspired by music’s power to bring people together throughout the ages and marks Rolling Stone’s first co-branded collaboration with an Australian craft beer.

‘The Unifier’ is a hazy and hoppy pale ale made from rolled oats, with stone fruit aroma and flavour, and will be made available on tap and in tinnies nationwide today.

Rolling Stone has played a pivotal role in celebrating music’s culture-defining moments for over 50 years,” said Rolling Stone President and Chief Operating Officer Gus Wenner. “We’ve joined forces with Young Henrys to create a beer that not only honours our heritage but also reminds today’s generation that history is still in the making.”

“Great collaborations happen when people of similar values meet,” said Young Henrys co-founder Oscar McMahon. “It’s no secret that the Young Henrys family is made up of dyed-in-the-wool music lovers who embrace all that music is, was and represents within society and culture. So, we made a beer with Rolling Stone that honours that sentiment.”

As part of the partnership, Rolling Stone has brought on Rolling Stone Australia, published by The Brag Media, to promote the product in the local market.

Young Henrys’ love for music runs through their brewery and history, so we are thrilled that they are crafting the first-ever Rolling Stone beer in Australia and sharing it with music fans across the country,” said Brag Media CEO Luke Girgis.

The partnership additionally introduces a collaboration with Rolling Stone and Young Henrys brand ambassadors, including multiple Grand Slam-winning tennis star, sportsman and fierce disability advocate, Dylan Alcott as well as Amy Shark, Murray Cook, Patience Hodgson. These brand ambassadors will be calling awareness to ‘The Unifier’s’ mission, with a percentage of proceeds going towards organisations making a difference in Australia today, including Dylan Alcott Foundation, Support Act and Autism Camp Australia.

Head to Rolling Stone Australia’s microsite (accessible via QR code on all packaging) for an in-depth look into the collaboration, and exclusive access to an animated video created by award-winning illustrator, director and animator Robert Grieves, that salutes music’s historic role in protesting injustice and unifying people around the world.

Get your hands on a tinnie or schooner of ‘The Unifier’ at your nearest pub or dearest bottle shop today.

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