JARROD JEREMIAH Delivers Sparkling Bedroom Pop With Stadium Ambitions In ‘Japanese Morning’

Perth-based producer and singer-songwriter Jarrod Jeremiah feels at home in his bedroom studio, but he’s got visions of much more. Jarrod has released his new single, Japanese Morningand it’s a testament to his work ethic – he’s a bit of a perfectionist. Jarrod is also a musician of many talents, playing drums, piano, guitar, bass, marimba, vibraphone, and timpani. Chances are that if Jarrod discovers an instrument he likes, he’ll learn how to play it, and then include it on his next single.

His new single, Japanese Morningis his first release of 2021, and it’s his favourite song he’s written to date. It’s a song that’ll remind you of a sunrise/sunset, and the shimmering instrumentation is the perfect backdrop to his soaring vocals. He’s been working on his craft for a while now, but he feels it’s time to really announce himself to the Australian music community. 2020 gave him the opportunity to reflect on his goals, both musically and personally, and he’s got a renewed focus on music, so expect to hear more from Jarrod in the near future.

If you’re a fan of music with electronic/jazz influences, then you’ll enjoy Japanese Morning. Jarrod takes influence from artists like Jacob Collier, FINNEAS and Dominic Fike globally, and Ruel, Hauskey, Jerome Farah, Young Franco and KIAN locally. Japanese Morning represents a new sound for Jarrod – he’s mixing his past bedroom pop sound with influences from other genres, creating a flavour that’s uniquely his. Given his prowess with 7 instruments, he’s not limited by genre – instead, he sees it as a challenge.

Speaking about the track, Jarrod says, “Japanese Morning represents the symbolic breakdown of communication between two people, and the frustration of unpredictability. The whole song was crafted in my bedroom studio, and produced, recorded, written and sung by myself. I even mixed on a pair of Hi-fi speakers I found in my garage. It was very much a DIY project that developed into a fun unusual pop track. I’ve been holding onto the song for over 3 months now, making each sound, sample and lyric perfect and think it’s the most fun, playful and catchy song I’ve ever put out.”

Stay tuned for more from Jarrod Jeremiah in 2021. With nearly 100,000 combined Spotify streams, as well as over 58,000 global followers on TikTok, he wants to make 2021 the year he becomes a name on the lips of Australian music lovers everywhere. If you’re a fan of bedroom pop with an electronic tinge, then keep an eye on Jarrod Jeremiah. He’s crafting electronic and RnB music with expansive soundscapes, one instrument at a time.



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