JOSH PYKE Releases New Single + Video For ‘To Find Happiness’

One of Australia’s favourite storytellers, Josh Pyke is back with brand new music, releasing new single To Find Happiness today via Wonderlick / Sony Music Entertainment Australia.

To Find Happiness finds the prolific Pyke on a songwriting roll, following the release of his ARIA Award-nominated album ‘ROME’ last year.

“ROME was released in a time of turmoil and strain for everyone, but the response to that album was so positive and affirming that I was inspired to keep creating,” Pyke says. “To Find Happiness is a response to that feeling. The feeling of people finding solace in the things that bring them happiness, whether it’s art, family, the joy in stepping outside into the sun in the morning, and the feeling that there’s always the hope that things will get better.

“To Find Happiness was recorded on an old nylon string acoustic guitar of unknown origin, and laid down as a live take. It’s always risky, but something about that original take struck me as sounding ‘right’ so I kept it. It’s a super simple song, embellished with some accordion and piano, a little bass, but that’s it really.”

The track is accompanied by a psychedlic video directed by Jefferton James that captures the song’s joyous message.

“I wanted to kind of juxtapose that simplicity and the limited sonic palette with a super colourful and psychedelic clip that made no real sense in terms of narrative apart from evoking a sense of play and happiness,” Josh says. “I had to enlist the help of family and friends and a whole lot of animal masks, (breaking the two cardinal rules of film making), but Jefferton James once again brought the creativity and colour to the clip, and I love the results.”

Since breaking out to widespread success with the release of debut album ‘Memories & Dust’ in 2007, ARIA Award winner Josh Pyke has cultivated a strong community of supporters around Australia and beyond. Testament to his authentic and deep-set connection to the craft of music and its uniting appeal, each record Pyke has released in the years since have brought him closer to his fans, while his profile has elevated to being one of the most beloved and respected Australian songwriters of the last decade. 

With six acclaimed albums under his belt, Pyke’s creativity has long extended well beyond that discipline. He has ventured into the world of children’s books, releasing the award-nominated Lights Out, Leonard as well as co-authoring A Banana Is A Banana with renowned entertainer Justine Clarke. He also snuck a self-produced punk album onto streaming services under the name Sword Owls (a name conceived by one of his sons while still in kindergarten).

His philanthropic work has included the development of the Josh Pyke Partnership, as well as his Busking For Change initiative and continued work as an ambassador for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

After enduring a tumultuous year where nothing was certain, and we all had to navigate our new normals the best we could, Pyke found solace in music. His new music – as with ‘ROME’ – isn’t necessarily defined by the new pandemic age, but it’s a way for people to find light in things again.

The way he constructs and delivers a narrative through music makes Pyke an artist with longevity; a timeless quality in his song writing that shines with each release.


With thanks to Sony Music Australia

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