EP REVIEW: Rumours – ‘If Only You Could Feel Something Too’

Words by Sam Townsend {Melting Wax Photography}

Melbourne four-piece rock group Rumours kicked off 2021 with a bang with the release of single MANIA, teasing our taste buds for what upcoming EP ‘If Only You Could Feel Something Too’ had in store.  The song received instant praise and had the band listed with numerous publications as “ones to watch”.  So when Good Call Live was offered the chance of an early listen of ‘If Only You Could Feel Something Too’, we jumped at it!

To say title track and EP opener If Only you Could Feel Something Too is a massive track would be doing the song an injustice.  Rumours have not held back with this thunderous anthem, packing a lot of power from start to finish with whirring guitars and soaring vocals to match.  The song If Only You Could Feel Something Too shows Rumours are hitting new heights, and is likely to be one of the biggest songs released this year.

The intro for The Same Kind alludes to a more upbeat alternative sound, though when the guitars drop and the screaming vocals kick in what follows is a 3.31min ride which leaves you without breath.  Likewise, Incredulous, which was the first song we heard off the ‘If Only You Could Feel Something Too’ (released in late 2020 and really had Rumours stepping up their game), is a wild ride and reminded me a few times over of The UsedBentley’s vocal range is captivating and conveys the feeling of the song well.

Released just last week, Neurosis switches up the pace and allows emotion to override the guitars for one song, and shows Bentley’s vocal talents once more.  A powerful and charismatic ballad, Neurosis features vocalist Will King of WindwakerKing’s bandmate Chris Lalic also serves as producer on the melancholy yet uplifting song, and indeed the whole EP.

Track MANIA is the song that made me originally take notice of Rumours and I still find myself replaying this song over and over a few months on. MANIA snakes its way into your ears with it’s dark guitars and impassioned vocals; it’s an infectious and grungey track, for all the right reasons.

Closing out ‘If Only You Could Feel Something Too’ is Live Forever (Paralysed Pt. 2), which contains a tidy little call back to Paralysed Pt. 1.  The song throws everything at you: melancholy synths, soaring vocals, and brutal breakdowns.  Rumours are doing their absolute best to leave you wanting more, and man, does it pay off!

On ‘If Only You Could Feel Something Too’ Rumours have showcased just how far they have come since the release of ‘Paralysed’ in 2019.  There’s such versatility to the band and they aren’t afraid to go as hard or as soft as a song requires.

My ears are smiling at the thought of being able to hear these songs live hopefully in the not-too-distant future. 

‘If Only You Could Feel Something Too’ Tracklist:

  1. If Only You Could Feel Something Too
  2. The Same Kind
  3. Incredulous
  4. Neurosis
  5. MANIA
  6. Live Forever (Paralysed Pt. 2)

‘If Only You Could Feel Something Too’ is out, today! (19 March 2021)  Check it out HERE!

Rumours is:

Jackson Bentley (Vocals)
Harry Coote (Guitar)
Benjamin Canham (Guitar)
Dustin Bayley (Bass)


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