JORDAN MERRICK Releases Touching Animated Music Video For ‘This Rainy Day’

This Rainy Day premiered on Double J

This Rainy Day #6 and #9 In AMRAP Metro Charts

“It has lust and desire, it’s got doubt and it’s got wanton feels all over it.” – AU Review

“It’s an anachronistic yet essentially timeless sound that Merrick has crafted for himself” –

“Merrick’s music has never sound more dynamic and fluid than ever” – AAA Backstage

Brisbane folk singer-songwriter Jordan Merrick has received an outpouring of praise for his single This Rainy Day and is now unveiling the perfect video accompaniment to amplify the track’s dynamic yet humble folk sound.

Aptly capturing the hopeful melancholy of This Rainy Day, the video was created as a black and white animation that was written, drawn and animated by Erica Tan.

The use of Erica’s pencil-drawn animation style in the video conveys a childlike innocence that compliments Merrick’s warm vocals as the audience follow the rain’s journey and its effect on people’s lives.

With the song inspired by Merrick’s own emotions brought on by watching the rain, he wanted this video to evoke a similar feeling of connection and reflection, stating:

“The power of music is how people interpret songs differently. When Erica got involved to write/design an animated video, she heard the song and thought of peoples connection to rain and how it changes over the course of time. It is a powerful message of sentiment and reflection which aligns with how I connect with rain. Fleeting moments can turn into ones we cherish and think about until it’s our time to float away.”

The This Rainy Day music video is a delightful pairing to Merrick’s cosy single, his ability to elicit a picturesque image in the mind via his music brought further into fruition with Erica’s animation, depicting a heartwarming tale of possibilities, growth and transformation.

About This Rainy Day
Written, performed and recorded by Jordan Merrick
Mixed by Cody McWaters
Mastered by Matthew Gray


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