TEMPEST RISING Release New Single ‘Awakening’

Perth’s Metal Powerhouse Tempest Rising release their relentless new single Awakening. The song introduces itself with a merciless punch and sets the scene for the visceral soundscape to follow. Featuring heavy dropped tuned and rhythmically sophisticated guitarwork, complemented by methodically curated lead lines, this audible manifesto is underpinned by superbly tight drum and bass grooves. The verses continue with the onslaught incorporating a healthy smattering of vocalist Vin Trikeriotis’s signature extreme vocals. Chorus herald an impeccable contrast to the rest of the track showcasing more of Trikeriotis’s range with hook-laden clean vocals that cut through the heaviness of the instrumentation and delivers a soul-crushing melody.

The band never misses a beat throughout the entirety of Awakening; the guitars become more ferocious and the drums intensify even further as if you thought it wouldn’t be possible at this point. The words “This is a fucked up world” become tactic and anthemic in their repetition as the guitars harmonise with Trikeriotis’s melodies to create an atmospheric tension that closes the song, leaving everyone wanting more. Awakening is a sophisticated and complex song reminiscent of great heavy metal bands such as Sevendust and Arch Enemy.

Trikeriotis explains “Lyrically the song is about coming to realise that you can’t change the core of your being. You are who you are and trying to go against your nature is painful and detrimental to your psyche. Accepting that means you can finally be free of self-doubt and realise your full potential. We wrote the song in the spare room of our guitarist Daniel James’ house. Surrounded by a poster of a Japanese supermodel Dan got from our tour to Japan, an ever-changing coloured light that (when high) can transport Daniels mind to the far corners of the galaxy and a Mexican Sombrero… for no other reason than its kind of cool. We all took part in the creation of the beast that is Awakening. That room is an inspiration to us all”

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After releasing their highly acclaimed album ‘Alter Ego’ the band toured nationally and internationally with heavyweights such as Marduk, Kataklysm, and Hypocrisy, including headlining a European tour. Due to the band’s sheer hard work and dedication, Tempest Rising have shared stages with a plethora of International Powerhouses such as Arch Enemy, Sepultura, Drowning Pool, Sevendust, Apocalyptica, and many more. Taking the Australian scene by storm and coming off a successful release of their new single Downfall Tempest Rising are showing no signs of slowing down in 2021!

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