BLACK RHENO Announce East Coast Tour + New Single ‘Battle Ready’

Australia’s brutal groove masters Black Rheno return with a massive east coast tour throughout May & June to celebrate their soon to be released new single entitled Battle Ready. It’ll have been just over a year since Black Rheno has brought their hell-raising sludge, grind, groove party to the stage. Having released their debut album ‘Noise Smasher’ at the end of 2019, then backing it up hitting stages across Japan, Australia & New Zealand with New Orleans sludge royalty EYEHATEGOD; the guys were just gearing up to start taking the rest of the world on when this pandemic hit and stopped them in their tracks. 

Watch the Battle Ready Teaser / Tour Promo Vid:

Ryan Miller (vocals) tells us:

“Yeh, it was crazy; we’d just come home off the back of one of the most insane tours playing night after night with some of our biggest idles. From beginning to end, it was just intense. The shows in Japan were a fuse box of insanity and positive energy. It was our first trip to Japan, and every night the crowds just lost their shit, pits, riffs, beers, ramen and tons of sweaty punters crawling over each other: fuck I wish that were now, it seems like such a distant dream at the moment. Australia was nuts too, and it was rad bringing our new album across the Ozzy circuit. New Zealand was another mental time, there were only two shows there, but once again, it was just balls to the wall crazy; what a time it was! The plan after that was to bust around Australia for our own headline run of shows and then kick-off to Europe and take all of that on when bam, the pandemic hit, stopping it all dead. It really messed up our album touring, and since then, as everyone had to, we’ve just been doing what we can. We never really stop though, we’ve been working on new tunes, just banking up songs and ideas for the next album, which we’ll spend this year shaping up. All we can think about is creating the biggest, fattest, meanest grooves possible and getting back out there to blast heads off. This tour and single release is all about that; as cheesy a name as it is, “Battle Ready” it’s all about moving on from the year that came before and life struggles in general. It’s about taking all the ups and downs, staring them in the eye and reaffirming we’re ready for anything and never backing down. We wanted to write a song that just makes us want to bang our heads, groove as hard and we can and party like motherfuckin animals, no holds back. We just want to get out there, play shows, party fucken hard and just have a bloody good time with our mates!”

So far, Black Rheno have only released a teaser snippet of the song featuring the tour dates but the riffs are big, fat and groovy. It’ll be another month till we get the full single and video clip, but if history is anything to go by, it’ll be worth the wait. For a band that’s built such a solid reputation around their live performances, climbing banisters, running through the pit and just causing mayhem right through the venue it’ll be interesting to see how they handle not being allowed to leave the stage. No doubt that after a year away from playing their energy and enthusiasm will be at all time highs.

The tour kicks off in May and carries right through to mid-June, tickets are on sale now: 


Tour Dates:

Friday May 7th – Mo’s Desert Clubhouse – Burleigh Heads – QLD

Saturday May 8th – Southside Of Hell Fest, Mansfield Tavern – Brisbane – QLD

Friday May 14th – Singing Bird Studios – Frankston – VIC

Saturday May 15th – The Tote – Melbourne – VIC

Friday May 21st – Hamilton Station Hotel – Newcastle – NSW

Saturday May 29th – Baroque Room – Katoomba – NSW

Saturday June 5th – Dicey Rileys – Wollongong – NSW

Friday June 18th – Factory Floor – Sydney – NSW


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