SPKEZY Release New Single ‘Bad Intentions’

Tasmania’s genre benders SPKEZY have released their new single Bad Intentions!

Bad Intentions is a standalone single that the band believe is the perfect progression from last years debut EP ‘Midnight Club’.

Speaking about the track, vocalist Luke Vaessen says that “Bad Intentions on a surface level is a track about partying. But if you dig a little deeper you will be able to feel the gravity and heaviness of being stuck in that lifestyle and the way it affects your life, most of the time for the worse.”

Musically, Bad Intentions is more focused on the backbone of Rock, but the vocals definitely lay in the Rap/R&B realm giving an overall fresh sound. As always, the 80’s influence is undeniable, weaving all elements together to create a cohesive kick to the face.

SPKEZY pride themselves on being a completely DIY band. From the mixing and mastering, to the artwork design and visuals, the aim is to create the ultimate listener experience. This is something the band find extremely important and are always pushing themselves to deliver better ideas and concepts each time.

Across an 80’s inspired soundscape, futuristic EDM pulses throughout like an old movie looping on VCR. Sugary sweet Pop sensibilities melt away over auto-tuned R&B hooks and melodies begging to eat away at you like a cavity. All of this is underpinned on a foundation of aggressive, driving Rock and beat heavy Hip-Hop, making sure you can feel their specialised Alt Dark Pop/Rock sound.

SPKEZY is Luke Vaessen (vocals), Joel Hallam (guitars, samples, keyboards), Owen Broad (drums) & Ryan Barker (bass).


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