GIG REVIEW: Lime Cordiale + Jaguar Jonze, The Tivoli, Brisbane, 02/03/2021

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Last night, the long-awaited Lime Cordiale shows that had been planned since last year were finally upon us! The stormy Brisbane afternoon did nothing to dampen the mood in the room as I walked into the decadently outfitted Tivoli for the early show, where a stream of merch-wearing concert-goers were already edging onto the dancefloor. (Though I must add – best dressed shoutout has to go to the guy with the Dan Andrews ‘Get on the beers’ shirt!). With its art deco-style red carpets, ornate banisters, and sumptuous old-fashioned lights, The Tivoli has embraced its long history, even as it added modern touches.

Brissie local Jaguar Jonze played a fantastic support set, and though she confessed she was battling with a kidney infection, she showed no signs of it. She started the night off with a moody tune, her husky voice mixing perfectly with the smoky stage and gorgeous blue stage lighting. Her next song was Beijing Baby, whichis a killer track live, showing off the best of her voice. Jonze’s debut EP was released in April last year, a genre-bending collection called ‘Diamonds and Liquid Gold’, so if you’re looking for something dark and intoxicating to add to your playlist, look no further.

Jonze played her third song without the guitar, an impassioned “Burn me with your love / Take me with your love / Kill me slowly”. In the instrumental, she did a little bit of a quirky dance solo which was definitely endearing to the crowd, earning big cheers. She soaked it up, telling us, “I want this with my cup of tea in the morning”. The next song, recent release Astronaut, was, Jonze confessed, her first time writing about her anxiety, with her duo partner Joe Fallon.  Used to playing with a band, Jonze told us this was a stripped-back version of the stripped-back duo version. It was a stunning song with raw lyrics and pondering bass. The last song was a super atmospheric tune, You Got Left Behind, featuring Jonze’s powerhouse voice, and got everyone clapping along for a great finish to her set.

When Jonze asked if everyone bought their tickets for the Lime show when they first came out, almost a year ago, the whole room screamed. We’ve been waiting a while. After a short interval, the stage lights shone on and off, drawing screams from the audience. They kicked off the show with No Plans to Make Plans, an undeniably groovy tune that got everyone singing along from the get-go (as if we wouldn’t!). Now the thing about Louis Leimbach, the lead singer/bass player, is that he is an absolute character. While Oli is waving his guitar around, Louis is getting his kazoo out for an epic solo, definitely the highlight of the song.

The lights go down for the next one, hushing the audience for a moment before blue lights illuminate the opening riff for Money. With every bar leading up to the chorus, the crowd gets more jittery with anticipation, and by the time Louis belts out “Money, it’s written on your face now”, everyone’s ready to party, bopping about to the song. I’d like to take a moment to appreciate Nick Polovineo’s fantastic red silken shirt. It looked great, man. But not just a man of fashion, Nick’s trombone solo rippled straight through you, getting everyone going. While we’re on the subject of brass, just when you though the song was over, Oli jumped on trumpet before the band treated us to an extra final chorus.

Dirt Cheap started off with tropical vibes from the effected guitar and relaxed drumbeat. Showing off their multi-instrumentalism, we got some funky clarinet from Oli. As you can hear on the album, Louis’ cheeky chuckle after “Is it too rude? / Just picture us nude / Happy with the view/” is super lovable, as is the brothers riffing off each other at the end as they mime a conversation. At the end of the song, the boys sing “My love, my love, my love’s dirt cheap”, with a very cool moment where they’re syncopated against the crowd continuing to sing the chorus underneath.

Screw Loose was next on the setlist, another funky track from the band. The Leimbach brothers perform this one with a very cool nonchalance that still doesn’t fail to get the audience bopping along. It’s a very fun song, with everyone yelling the extra “Screw loose!” in each chorus.

For their next song, their super popular Like a Version, we get a cheeky intro from Oli: “This one’s for those going home by themselves tonight”. I Touch Myself features an absolute bop of a trombone solo (what I love about Lime Cordiale is that you can’t say that about too many pop bands). It may just be a bit of personal bias… but Louis does a great performance of this song, with the perfect mischievous personality to pull it off.

The next song starts with trickling guitar, then keys, into reverberating bass and percussion. The band has given the intro a facelift, teasing us as we try to place the music. Naturally is super cruisy, but towards the last chorus, the band ups the ante, with a sharp hit on the drums from James Jennings dropping the lighting, with a pause before the chorus kicks in. Oli takes a moment after this song to dedicate the shows they’re playing to Australian music giant and founder of Mushroom Records Michael Gudinski, who sadly passed away just a few days ago.

Reality Check Please saw Oli take the lead on vocals. I’m a massive fan of the play on words in this song: “Can I have a reality check please? / I’m tryna keep my sanity in check please / If only clearing tables cleared my mind”. Churning synth from Felix Bornholdt on keys is another great feature of this song.

For Addicted to the Sunshine, Oli swaps to acoustic, and we get a much more chill atmosphere. The band is swaying along to the music, relaxed into the song, and we get a really nice feel-good vibe from them. “Sunshine, yeah” in falsetto from Louis is a lot of fun, and we even get a quirky solo from Felix on the, get this, slide whistle (I think!).

Lime then heats things up a bit with Temper Temper, and we hear Louis’ sultry tones in “I don’t mind a little psycho”. The electric guitar from Oli is full of sass, and the crowd is well and truly sweaty from the dancing by now.

On Our Own live is really a step up, with all the elements, from the affected keys to electric guitar, just given that extra edge you can only hear in person. That, and some snazzy hair flicks from Oli towards the end. A funny moment comes from Louis when he sings “With that old excuse / We’ll be friends”, adding “Yeah bullshit”. The crowd shouts along to “I don’t know how we’re finally on our own now baby”. The song slowly fades out (with a “Yeah Louis!” shouted from the crowd) and the boys leave the stage.

Naturally, the crowd was never going to leave without hearing Robbery (or then again, maybe that was just me), and with a chant of “one more song”, Lime came back for an encore. Felix walks back onto the stage and begins to fiddle around on the keyboard, before launching into a full-blown whirring keys solo. We’re all just happy to stand in awe at Felix’s talent, but then there are some familiar chords, and the crowd cheers. A more recognisable intro for Robbery begins, and the rest of the band joins Felix onstage. The crowd loved it, with a guy up on his friend’s shoulders right in the middle, swaying along. Explosive drums into the last chorus finished the song off memorably as Louis belted out the last chorus. Robbery is just such a catchy tune, so of course it was a highlight of the evening for me.

Did we dare hope for one last song? Absolutely. Oli laughed after Robbery that Louis had just fucked his voice on the first of the six Brisbane shows, so we could rest assured that this was the best of the lot.

We can forgive a little white lie from Oli when the band launches into Inappropriate Behaviour to finish the first show, with Louis’ voice sounding far from fucked. At any rate, it didn’t matter too much as the whole room was singing along. You could feel the love in the room for one of Australia’s new favourite bands, everyone on a high as the show finished.

Lime Cordiale are playing four more sold-out shows at The Tivoli this week.

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