PARIS IRWIN Collaborates With Feki On New Single ‘Dark Tourist’

“Paris is one of the most talented human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.” – Feki

“I first met Paris at an intimate gig in Brisbane a couple of years ago, [I gave her the mic and she sang] and I’ve been a fan ever since, should probably make a track with her ASAP before she’s too famous” – Touch Sensitive

“Paris Irwin is a hugely individual songwriter. It’s her lyricism that really blew me away. Her songs draw you in and then force you to think” – Paces

Paris Irwin is a 22 year-old singer-songwriter from Brisbane who has been composing music since she was just three years old. First bursting onto the scene in 2018 with Mute Me, she’s amassed near 300 thousand streams online with 2021 looking to catapult her even further into the public eye. Her new single Dark Tourist (out now!) was produced by Feki in his home studio and tells of a teenage witch trying to open up about her true self in a world that would cast her as insane. 

“The song’s concept holds a few different meanings however the primary tale narrates a story about a teenage witch growing up in a modern world. She is forced to keep her powers a secret from her significant other, knowing deep down she’ll have to keep torturing herself with silence as he will undoubtedly think she’s lost the plot and everyone will think she’s clinically insane.” – Paris Irwin

Also drawing from the tv show Dark Tourist, a documentary on the phenomenon of someone who likes to holiday in grim places, the song’s title is a double entendre to what the lyrics actually explore. Thinking about the concept of ‘dark tourism’ and how it might apply to someone emotionally Paris explains it’s “someone who intentionally makes decisions/ putting themselves in situations knowing that they are bad. Thus making them a ‘mental’ dark tourist as such… I can definitely nod a big thanks to Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Dark Tourist on Netflix for making my mind boil and bubble with all the materials for this monster.”

In the two years since her first release (a cover of Death Cab For Cutie’s I Will Follow you Into The DarkParis has had 6 weeks at number one on Triple J Unearthed charts, played dozens of shows and collaborated with Brisbane finest such a Feki and Paces who both praised her quick wit and raw talent. Hailing from a classical background, the cello playing, bass strumming musician hopes to continue invigorating audiences with her soaring vocals and imaginative tracks.



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