INKLINES Make Their Spirited Return With New Single ‘Blossom’

“There’s no mucking about here for Inklines, it’s all uplifting and earnest rock and will charge those batteries.”Triple J, Declan Byrne

“Classic power-packed rock sound in here and the vocalist can really go when he picks his moment.”Triple J Unearthed, Dave Ruby Howe

“Rich and smouldering in its lyricism…fresh and piercing with sonic cohesion…”Happy Mag

“Sophisticated and subversive in equal measure, their brazen guitar rock unspools in surprising directions as decorum gives way to abandon.”AAA Backstage

Sydney’s Inklines make their return with Blossom – a track that kicks things up an extra notch as their first release for 2021.

As the band’s first in a string of new music drops planned for this year, Blossom is a touchstone for the band in terms of their creative progression and maturity. Last year saw Inklines introduce themselves further to audiences with the release of their ‘Book Club’ EP and here, we see the next chapter for the trio properly flourish.


The sounds and the production of Blossom are full and rich, as well as demonstrating how dynamic the band continues to be.

Recorded during sessions that took place over three days just outside Goulburn, Blossom came together with Inklines working with Lachlan West on production. Given the opportunity to spend dedicated time in one space together to let creativity fully take over bled into the ease of delivery you hear on the final version of Blossom today. Inklines were able to lean into the comfort of having no outside pressure weighing on them, instead following their influences during this getaway, wherever they took them.

“We did all our previous recordings in various studios and we decided it would be fun to change it up a bit this time. We rented a house just outside of Goulburn and bunkered down for three days, recording on the upper floor of the house. It definitely creates a different vibe when we were all just there with everything set up, remaining entrenched in the creating process over the whole weekend. The fact that we were separated from the city helped as well, it allowed us to just belong in the setting and get creative.” Inklines

While the onset of COVID-19 meant that touring needed to take a backseat for Inklines in 2020, the band continued to keep their focus set on getting their music in front of as many people as possible. Building upon early successes with media and community radio tastemakers, Inklines continued to capitalise on the momentum that had been generating since their 2018 debut EP, ‘Willing & Able’. 

Courting attention in North America and Canada courtesy of heavy rotation spins on SiriusXM, Inklines have been able to stake a piece of territory all their own, far beyond their home on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. And now, with more music in the wings awaiting release this year, the band is excited to show off just how much their musical identity has grown.


Saturday, March 27th Secret Location, Brookvale Sydney


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