DEADLIGHTS Unveil Thrilling New Single ‘Born of a Lie’ + Announce Sophomore Record ‘The Uncanny Valley’

“Built to be played loud, it’s equal parts turbulent and harmonious—a serious single of the year contender if you ask us!”Hysteria Magazine

“if they continue on this trajectory, they’ll not only put Brissie metalcore on the map again, but start paving their own way through the scene with their progression and heavy AF sound they’ve been honing in on.”Wall of Sound

“Excellent back-and-forth vocals of screamer Dylan Davidson and singer Tynan Reibelt. They’ve got the same kind of light-darkness chemistry that Spencer and Aaron from Underoath have.”Kill Your Stereo

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Brisbane-based post-hardcore quartet Deadlights have just returned with their potent new single Born of a Lie and announced their forthcoming sophomore record ‘The Uncanny Valley’ – mixed and mastered by Chris Vernon (Belle HavenWindwakerStuck Out).

Opening with distorted guitar riffs, discordant harmonics and the feverish vocals of frontman Dylan Davidson, Born of a Lie launches into the stratosphere with utter abandon as frenetic drums set the stage for the songs engrossing lyrics. As the track builds in potency, it introduces its convulsive breakdown, before hurtling towards its cathartic, kaleidoscope final chorus.

Davidson talks about the meaning behind Born of a Lie:

“’Born of a Lie’ at its heart is a song about my longing for purpose in the modern world. It’s my way of fighting the feeling of existential dread and hoping that my life is more than just a blip in time and space. Much like how religion is some peoples perch from which they view the world, modern technology is ours. The song stabs at organised religion and its hold over me in the past and then discusses how the need for constant validation from tech has merely replaced the need to feel like we are doing right by our god. Our new god fits in the palm of our hands and has been perfectly weaponised to control what we do and why we do it.”

Shot by Third Eye Visuals, the accompanying video clip see the band performing in a Brisbane church, featuring a robot created by the band, mixed with images of an incoming apocalypse. Co-vocalist Tynan Reibelt explains, “we physically built the robot seen in the clip out of a TV, 200m of cable and scraps found around the place, then mounted a 3D printed head on it. It stood 6ft tall and is not CGI. It looks menacing and holds a human brain in its hand to symbolise its control over us.”

To precede the release, the band performed a one-off show at The Brightside in Brisbane which sold out within four days, with more dates to be announced shortly. The four-piece have cemented themselves as a household name within the Australian alternative scene, touring nationally with PolarisAlpha WolfThy Art Is Murder and Thornhill, and supporting heavy luminaries Parkway DriveEvery Time I Die, and The Devil Wears Prada (USA).

Previous releases, including the band’s debut record ‘Mesma’ (which has racked up over 1.5 million streams on Spotify), have received widespread acclaim from Australian radio stations triple jtriple j Unearthed and JOY FM, and blog tastemakers Hysteria MagazineHEAVY MagWall of SoundMANIACSKill Your Stereo, Depth Magazine and Everyday Metal.

Born of a Lie is available worldwide now through Greyscale Records


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