KATANA CARTEL Release Their Powerful New Single ‘Air Raid’

Hailing from Melbourne, Heavy Metal Warriors KATANA CARTEL are armed and ready for battle with the release of their new single Air Raid from their highly anticipated upcoming album ‘The Sacred Oath’. True to its namesake, the dynamic and powerful track commands the attention of the listener with the force of auditory bombs dropping from the sky. Blending classic heavy metal, power metal and thrash sensibilities in a seamless musical package of cool defiance and taut aggression, Air Raid showcases a band that is bold and confident in their unique signature sound.

With this track, KATANA CARTEL are unleashing their war cry in all its rousing rage and glory, and they’re sure as hell going to make sure the metal world hears it loud and clear. Taking the Melbourne Scene by a storm, KATANA CARTEL are set to leave a mark on the Aussie-Heavy Music scene. You can support them by following them on social media and streaming their music!


Thanks to Hard Drive Agency

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