LÂLKA Announces Debut EP + Shares New Single ‘Angel/Jezebel’

“Bass driven PC flavours that HIT!”Andy Garveytriple j

“Hyperpop brilliance”NME

“For fans of Why!, M.I.A. and the Internet (not the band)”The Guardian

“Has time and time again proven her place in the upper echelon of Australia’s underground pop scene”Pilerats

“PC pop leader of the future”Tone Deaf

“A colourful collage of contemporary self expression”Sniffers

LÂLKA returns with new single Angel/Jezebel with the news of her debut EP, ‘The Way Music Looks’, out March 17. Listen and watch HERE.

Where Atomic Blonde was inspired by the intersection of fashion and music, Angel/Jezebel takes its influence from the Phoenician princess of the Old Testament, whose pop cultural reputation precedes her. She explains, “Jezebel. Painted in wicked light by the anachronism of men writing history. Yet, I always felt an affinity with this queen. Possibly because of the fact that as an immigrant living in a white-washed country, I instinctively empathise with her struggle to be accepted in her foreign home and her resolve to cling onto the traditions of her native culture. As a fashion lover, I take delight in the fact that she faced death with deliberate stylishness. Slay, Queen.”

For LÂLKA, Jezebel represents her own rumbling underbelly, an uncompromising assertiveness and rebellion that wrestles with the perceptions ascribed to the producer as soft spoken and sweet natured. Co-written with Ninajirachi and Muki, Angel/Jezebel takes aim at these one dimensional stereotypes of docility that disenfranchise young Asian women like her. This release sees the producer dismantle and reclaim these parts of herself on her own terms – one of the many waves of empowerment that runs deep across ‘The Way Music Looks’. 

LÂLKA‘s debut EP is the product of unbridled self expression. A passionate and carefully crafted undertaking produced alongside a cast of collaborators including NinajirachiMukiBRUXDonatachiOh BoyTrophie and Becki Whitton. Its electro-pop make-up traces its undercurrent of proving one’s self worth with resolute commentary on trying to belong while performing and living as an artist of colour in so called Australia. 

‘The Way Music Looks’ is complete with a set of visualisers for its five song track list, produced entirely by LÂLKA. The artist will also release a photo book (digital and physical) that deep dives in the EP’s making, including behind the scenes photos and collage of Ableton stems, lyrics and more. ‘The Way Music Looks’ is LÂLKA‘s formal introduction as a didactic musician and artist at the helm of her own making.

Angel/Jezebel is out now, buy/stream it here.

March 17


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