JORDAN MERRICK Releases ‘This Rainy Day’

This Rainy Day premiered on Double J

“It has lust and desire, it’s got doubt and it’s got wanton feels all over it.”AU Review

“It’s an anachronistic yet essentially timeless sound that Merrick has crafted for himself” – theMusic

“Merrick’s music has never sound more dynamic and fluid than ever” – AAA Backstage

“It’s a beautiful song.” – Roots N All, Triple J about Untitled #1

Since debuting in 2017, the Brisbane-based folk singer-songwriter, Jordan Merrick, has always had a knack to create music that brings about a sense of peace while painting a picturesque image in the mind.

With a new, warming dose of his humble folk, Jordan Merrick is releasing the single This Rainy Day on Friday, Feb 19. 

After releasing his debut album ‘Night Music’ in 2019, Merrick had sequentially released a collection of folk/ roots singles throughout 2020. It was on his album though that he showcased a diverse range of blues, folk, rock, country and elements of vaudeville.  

Now with This Rainy DayMerrick in his home studio has produced an easy-going, homely track, perfect to cosy up too. The soothing strums on the acoustic guitar paired with Merrick’s vocal tone and melody is strewn with a slightly melancholic, heavy-hearted feeling that builds with passion and urgency throughout the track. This is contrasted by the feel-good and pleasant nature of the laid-back drums alongside a lulling effect induced by the simplistic, blues slide guitar.

Fittingly, the track was written on a rainy day and Merrick worked to recreate the sensation of the homely feeling of the day. Merrick talks about the moment that inspired the song:

“I was on tour in Melbourne sitting on my brother’s floor watching the rain. I was home alone with hours before the show was set to start and just sat there watching as the rain hit the windows. It was a surreal feeling of melancholy and was a moment that felt perfectly fitting. It’s amazing how inspiring the sound of rain hitting windows, pins and needles & creaky roofs can be in the right moment. They were telling the story, I was just capturing it.”

Merrick’s previous releases have seen support from Spotify ‘Gentle Acoustic’ playlistApple Music New Music Daily playlistsTriple JDouble JABC RadioRAGEMTV AustraliatheMusicPile RatsAU ReviewRhythms Mag and community radio where he has landed in the AMRAP charts a number of times. 

This Rainy Day is out on February 19. Merrick will be performing at Brisbane’s Junk Bar on the same even to celebrate the release of the track.

This Rainy Day Single Launch
(SOLD OUT) Feb 19 – Junk Bar, Brisbane w/ Ruby GilbertEvent Page | Tickets

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