L. FLORA Release Luscious Neo-Soul Single ‘Poison Ivy’

“My first five star review! Tight, wavy & exciting. Keep it coming L. Flora!”
5 / 5 Stars (Bridie Tanner, Triple J) [About single Poison Ivy]

“Future soul to get you in such a good zone.” 4 / 5 Stars (Declan Byrne, Triple J) [About single Bigger It Gets]

“Four stars because all four members are really bringing their A-game on this. Filling a little jazz-pop shaped hole in my heart.” 4 / 5 Stars (Gemma Pike, Triple J) [About single Bigger It Gets]

“A lush neo-soul offering that gazes off the edge of the precipice.” (Happy Mag)

“We are going to immediately put this band down on the must-see list for 2019.”

“Cool, smooth melodies and luscious, rich neo-soul production.”
(Purple Sneakers) [About single What’s My Name?]

With their wondrous, transcendental future-soul that bursts with all of the colours of spring, L. Flora are releasing their stinging new single,  Poison Ivy today ahead of their EP ‘Heavenly’ (out March 12).

For the unacquainted, L. Flora released their debut, self-titled album in 2018. They went on to support acts including Rafiq Bhatia (US), Phantastic Ferniture and Clea and land festival spots at Jungle Love (2018), Mountain Goat Valley Crawl (2019) and Super Sounds (2019). The band then followed the release up with the single Bigger It Gets at the end of 2019 making it a hot minute since their last release. 

Now, Poison Ivy coils up tightly into a warm yet suspenseful track with fluttering jazz guitar, swelling keys, spiralling saxophone and hopscotching grooves from the drums and pads. Frontwoman Millie Khalu soars above with her enchanting neo-soul melodies before swooping down with her tongue-twisting lyrical wordplay. With bated breath, the band flourish to a gripping close.

Lyrically, Khalu has used poison ivy as a metaphor for the toxic nature of jealousy and how it entangles the mind. Khalu states: “Poison Ivy represents the shadow that lives within us that seeps darkness and doubt into our mind. Jealousy is a dance the mind plays with the world that surrounds us. In search of self-worth, we look to others. Judging and comparing ourselves to those around us. Poison Ivy is an ode to your worst enemy. Yourself.”

L. Flora’s previous releases have seen support from Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, Purple Sneakers, theMusic, AAA Backstage, Scenestr, 4ZZZ and much more. 

The band will be releasing a music video to pair with the track in the coming weeks ahead of the EP release. 

Poison Ivy is out TODAY followed by the release of the EP ‘Heavenly’ on March 12.

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