AMBER STONE Releases Hollywood Inspired Lyric Video For ‘Surrender’

Born and raised on the Gold Coast, Queensland Conservatorium graduate Amber Stone today releases the lyric video to her new song, Surrender – a poignant recount of a mutual attraction that struggles to encounter the right timing to materialise. 

Working with Mitch Chamberlain (Rise Against, With Confidence, Between You & Me, Hellions), Amber wanted to bring to life her take of 1950s Hollywood glamour, “which I feel never goes out of style.”

“The vision for this clip was seamless,” tells Chamberlain, a Brisbane-based videographer. “From the moment I met Amber I felt her style and our ideas melded as if they were one and the same. She was an absolute joy to create with. Amber holds a type of glamour and grace that new wave Australian music has not witnessed for quite some time.”

A change of pace from her debut release, Being Yours, which earned her success at Australian Radio, Amber reached out to Jarryd Shuker, Art of Sleeping band member turned producer to collaborate on the production. The result is an emotive, smokey pop track that will sonically seduce you with Lana Del Rey-esque vocals and commanding lyrics. The track forms part of her debut EP set for release in 2021, which is an amalgamation of songs written about the early stages of love from a relationship.

Surrender is about a prolonged mutual attraction where the timing never seems to be right. You are wanting to start a relationship and know that they are holding back and you’re asking them to take a chance with you and surrender to the feeling,” tells Amber of the track. 

“I’m very proud of Surrender. The lyrics and the people I worked on it with all make it a very personal song for me. It took me a long time to release so I’m so excited to finally have it out in the world and share it with people. The song started out as a much longer ballad with much more lyrical content but when we got into the studio, things just moved in a different direction and I had to adjust the song in the moment for it to become what it is now.” 

Amber Stone has been forging a career in music since she was 16 and was raised in a music household that nurtured a love for all genres. A love for artists such as The Beatles, Lana Del Rey and Bring Me The Horizon has paved a way for an eclectic tone of production to Stone’s music, showing a diversity beyond her years. 

Surrender is OUT NOW

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