SENTINELS Sign With SHARPTONE RECORDS + Release New Single/Video ‘Inertia’

Champions of modern metalcore Sharptone Records have welcomed New Jersey based progressive metal/hardcore band SENTINELS to the label’s ever-growing roster of trailblazing acts that include LOATHEDON BROCOCURRENTS and OF MICE & MEN to name a few. In celebration of the partnership, SENTINELS has released a diabolical new song titled Inertia from their forthcoming, debut album to be announced at a later date. Watch the video for the track now!

Commenting on the signing drummer Dave Rucki says:

“We are beyond excited to announce our signing with Sharptone Records. The day the label launched, we knew that if there was a home for us, it was now realized. To have them backing us, and to even be writing this now is surreal. ‘Inertia’ perfectly represents the level of aggression we aim for in our music. With Josh’s voice, we were able to elevate that aggression and further convey the more emotional moments in the song. ‘Inertia’ is about suicidal thoughts and confiding in somebody close only to be told “that’s selfish”, then deciding whether to go through with it, or prove that you can overcome it to appease those around you. We have been a band since 2012, but now solidifying our lineup with Josh on vocals, we can confidently say, this is what we had always envisioned for Sentinels.”

Vocalist Josh Hardiman adds:

“Sharptone, Sentinels, and the team behind the scenes have taken a huge risk on me, the gravity of which I most certainly feel, but the difference between this weight and my burdens since past, is that now with each passing day I become stronger and more alive. More and more equipped to handle and weather new storms for now I am living a life that I want to have gifted to me by those who believed in me. I will not fail with their continued support. This is a new beginning and I hope that everyone who listens to “Inertia” want to embark on this new chapter with us.”

The New Jersey quintet—Thomas Cardone [guitar], Chris Dombrowski [guitar], Danny Cruz [bass, vocals], Dave Rucki [drums, vocals], and Josh Hardiman [vocals]— cut their teeth with EPs ‘Idylls’ [2013] and ‘World Divide’ [2016] and cemented their signature sound with 2019’s ‘Unsound Recollections,’ which featured fan favourite tracks Elysium and Déjà Vu. Having proven themselves time and time again with boundless technical musicianship and dynamic songwriting, SENTINELS set their sites on conquering the metalcore scene with their hotly anticipated debut full-length that’s due out later this year from SharpTone Records.

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