NICOLE MCKINNEY Releases ‘Another Day’

Pulling on heartstrings and addressing new and old emotional wounds is something this Brisbane-based indie/ folk-rock singer-songwriter, Nicole McKinney, seems to do with ease. Sometimes referred to as sad girl music,  McKinney writes music for those times when things aren’t going right, for those with a heavy heart and for those needing space away from everything.

In her vulnerable new single Another Day (released February 5), be prepared to pick up the pieces of your heart as she shares one of her own emotional stories of loss, betrayal and humiliation.

Opening with electric guitar and McKinney’s tender, emotive vocals, she eases into the track before she is backed up the band. With grace and a stunning energy, the combination of McKinney’s poignant storytelling with the folk-rock arrangement of guitars, keys and drums creates a dynamic, compelling and empowering piece.

If there are any remnants of heartache from McKinney’s experience told in this story, there’s no doubt that this song has her claiming back her power. McKinney states: “This song was written during a period where I was grieving the simultaneous loss of a loved one and friendship group. I was feeling betrayed and confused by how people who say they love you could hurt you without a second thought. It’s about not waiting for other people to save you but to save yourself.”

McKinney has released 3 singles since debuting in 2019. Late last year she released Hollywood Girls that saw support from Triple JTriple J UnearthedAU Review, Scenestr, Broaderlines, 4ZZZ and more. 

Another Day is out now. Listen HERE

Another Day Single Launch
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