Q&A’s: ASTRODEATH Leviathan Rising Tour 2021

Words/Interview By Carly Gibbs

Sydney’s two-piece, heavy sludge Lords, Astrodeath, are about to head out on an East Coast tour preceding the release of their second full length album, ‘Astrodeath II’.  The tour is named after Leviathan Rising the first single off the anticipated album and is a tasty little morsel to whet our appetites before we can greedily fill our rotund bellies live.  The duo was busy recording the album so I sent over a couple questions for them to answer when they had a little bit of down time.  

You are about to embark on a solid East Coast tour this February/March aptly named the Leviathan Rising Tour.  How are you feeling about heading out of town again and seeing some shiny new Covid-free faces?

We are heaps excited aye, at Christmas time when all the borders shut again, we had to chill our expectations and get into the mindset that we may have another cancellation on our hands.  I don’t want to jinx it but it’s looking like we might be able to make it all happen.

New single ‘Leviathan Rising’ is about to be released off your highly anticipated second album, ‘Astrodeath II’, also soon to be released.  Are we going to be able to hear it before you hit the road for the tour?

The music video will actually be premiered today through Hysteria. *Premiere HERE

‘Relentless Brutality’ was released in August 2020, which is an absolute stonker, by the way.  The film clip is fantastic!  Who did you work with on this one and where did your ideas come from for the colours and imagery?

That music video was made by Mike Foxall who is not only a prolific artist but musician as well.  We love what he does.  We just threw the concept at him and let him run with it.  All of the ideas come from our original concept which is this sci-fi alien invasion and domination thing.  We’ve got a second comic book coming out later in the year made by Glenno Smith.  We think this comic and album will be a massive leap forward from our last.

You were signed to Beats Cartel early last year.  How did that come about?

One of our mates, Sam Sheumack, suggested us for a support slot on the 1000mods tour that Beats Cartel were running, we did the show and ended up doing a few more international supports for subsequent tours that Beats were putting on.  We also went up north and played at the Beats Cartel HQ, Mo’s Desert Club House.  We slayed it there on our first ever visit to QLD.  Kids went wild!  I think maybe that was the tipping point when Christian decided he wanted us to be on his roster.  I dunno, he asked us to join him, we liked what he was about; grass roots, hard work, down to earth, no bullshit.  They’ve really been looking after us so we’re super happy.  I think Beats have a big future in Australia and abroad.

Since starting in 2018 you seem to have been booking a solid stream of gigs. You’ve played with Nick Oliveri, Svetlanas, Mountain Wizard Death Cult and a bunch of other amazing bands.  What was it like feeling like you were just gaining momentum and then all of a sudden Covid hit and venues and gigs were cancelled and locked down?

I guess you just gotta focus on the positives.  We are a band that plays heaps of shows.  Some people suggest we play too many, but we love it, it’s what we want to do.  We obviously miss playing three times a week and hustling hard, but we also may not have given ourselves an opportunity to finish this second album if we’d have just kept touring non-stop.  Covid is shit but we are lucky.  Lucky we are not in the States or some of the European countries that won’t see gigs at all in 2021.  Life has been somewhat normal even at the peak of our lockdowns here in Sydney.  We were able to practice and write.

You seem to have adapted and at one stage even did a live stream with Live and Locked Down.  Did you enjoy the experience of being streamed live across the globe?

Yeah live stream was a thing for a bit, we did it.  Luckily our good mate, Ryan Miller at House Fox Studios was willing to have us in and we had a good time, it was weird trying to perform to no one.  We had to have a few beers to loosen up a bit.  It’s just like having a zoom party though it’s not quite the same.  We’d do it again but we’re much more excited to go play some shows.  The best thing about being on the road is meeting and making new fans and seeing bands you don’t get to see all the time and making new buddies.  We miss that.

Your band camp merch is all sold out!  Will you be bringing a bunch of new goodies or those tasty Eagle of Doom hoodies with you on tour? Even a QLD Winter calls for a hoodie!

Ahh man yeah, that happened really quick.  We’re in the process of trying to restock all of it.  We actually had an incredible two nights when we released Relentless Brutality, we had stocked the merch up earlier in the year for a 12-show tour but that got Covid cancelled but we sold out of all that merch in two nights in Sydney.  Our Sydney fans and mates are super supportive.  Problem is now we’re dry.  The Store will be up soon.  In the meantime, if anyone needs a record, they can be purchased through Blackfarm Records.  But yes, we’ll have a stocked merch box when we hit the road.  We’ve got some cool new festival t-shirts for the “Nights of the 666” series that we are running in Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne.

And lastly, I saw some photos on your Instagram with the “Boogie Van”.  Is that  just a play on words or is there something else more sinister or mysterious about the van?  Is this what you’ll be doing the Leviathan Rising tour in?

I think you are referring to our Facebook interests or whatever it is.  Boogie Van’s are just sweet American muscle vans, I used to drive a big Chevy G20 it was probably the coolest I’ve ever felt, driving that thing around.  When we started the band, I felt that ride was a part of my identity.  But after dropping two motors into it and just a plethora of problems and heartbreak that come with a 50-year-old tank, I had to exchange it for a modern diesel van that doesn’t break when you take it on tour.

The Leviathan Rising tour kicks off on the 12th Feb with the SOLD OUT Sydney show.  Check out the other dates below and make sure you don’t miss this one!

ASTRODEATH Leviathan Rising 2021 East Coast Tour

SYDNEY // Friday, 12th February // Crowbar *SOLD OUT*
HUNTER VALLEY // Saturday, 13th Feb // Thrashville Festival
MELBOURNE // Friday, 26th February // Max Watts: Nights of the 666
FRANKSTON // Saturday, 27th February // Flippin’ The Bird Festival
GEELONG // Sunday, 28th February // Barwon Club
WOLLONGONG // Friday, 5th March // La La La’s
CANBERRA // Saturday, 6th March // The Basement: Nights of the 666
BRISBANE // Friday, 12th March // Woolly Mammoth: Nights of the 666
LISMORE // Saturday, 13th March // Gollan Hotel
GOLD COAST // Sunday, 14th March // Mo’s Desert Clubhouse

Tickets and Info here

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