EVIE Returns With New Single ‘Swinging On The Balcony’

Releasing her first single for the year in Swinging On The Balcony, young Brisbane songwriter EVIE continues to captivate. Working in the indie pop world over the last few years, the musician has been exploring a rich love for the genre and all its different lanes for experimentation.

With Swinging On The Balcony, EVIE brings melody and darker-pop influences together to present an engaging introductory piece for some, and a spirited next step for those who have been following her since 2019.

The single, with its sonic influences as varied as Lana Del Rey to Mazzy Star and Joni Mitchell, highlights EVIE’s striking vocals and warmth on the microphone. Recorded in Brisbane with Finley Miller and Andrew Knight on mixing and mastering duties, the song is a complete representation of EVIE as a songwriter who has undergone growth and development – both personally and artistically – over the last year.

‘Swinging On The Balcony’ is a song about letting go in different stages. Getting used to your own company again. It also holds a sense of hopefulness, as if…if things were to go back to the way they were, I wouldn’t have fought it.”EVIE

For the single’s music video, EVIE put together footage filmed in Brisbane and also Los Angeles together with Hollie Warner, while also playing a part in production and direction herself. The vibe, hazy and nostalgic, matches the energy of Swinging On The Balcony itself – a moment to lean into and become immersed in.

“The video is a glistening glimpse of moments that reminisce on a very questionable time in my life. I had just moved to the city from a coastal town; I had left behind people who I really relied on and I was searching for beautiful moments in a world I didn’t recognise.” – EVIE

Swinging On The Balcony is out now

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