CORDUROY SPACESHIP Returns For 2021 With New Single ‘I Don’t You’

“This is lush – psychedelic bedroom-pop made with absolute style. George Harrison-style guitar lines, sugar-sweet synths and Americana-style vocals make for a catchy and clever mix.”
Tone Deaf

“There’s some weird and wonderful elements in here that make a cool blend.”
Triple J, Declan Byrne

Bringing emotive songwriting together with tight musicianship and production, Corduroy Spaceship presents his latest work, I Don’t Cry

As his first offering for the year, I Don’t Cry comes laden with striking notes and warm vocals that put Corduroy Spaceship in a familiar psych-tinged realm as the likes of Methyl Ethel and Pond.

Break up songs aren’t new territory for anyone, but with I Don’t Cry, listeners get a personal insight into a breakup from Corduroy Spaceship’s perspective. Written about the breakdown of a major relationship, I Don’t Cry explores the feelings and reasons behind becoming ambivalent towards the outcome of a relationship.

“‘I Don’t Cry’, in its essence, is about the lack of tears I experienced during a break up talk. I had cried so much during the relationship, it was as if I had no tears left by the time we officially ended it. The lyrics describe some of the complexities that existed between the two of us and how they eventually led to our demise.” – Corduroy Spaceship

With the majority of recording taking place in Melbourne, then being mastered at Little Wing Sound, I Don’t Cry comes just a few months on from Corduroy Spaceship’s last release, Dying. With this single, he’s looking ahead to an exciting new chapter of music and creative exploration.

‘I Don’t Cry’ is out now.

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