EP REVIEW: Nicolas Cage Fighter – ‘Cast You Out’

Words by Sam Townsend {Melting Wax Photography}

With arguably one of the best band names ever, Nicolas Cage Fighter first gave us a taste of what we could expect in new release ‘Cast You Out’ in late 2020, and now the 4-piece heavy hardcore outfit from Ballarat are ready for the world to hear the fruits of their hard labour.  Although short and sweet in its five tracks, ‘Cast You Out’ is a hard and heady listening experience from start to finish.

Opening track Black Jackal gently fades in, slams you at the 15sec mark and does not relent for the remaining 2mins 50sec; and although acoustically hard-hitting the lyrics of Black Jackal could not be more contrary and chart a much more emotional experience.  In this respect, Black Jackal really sets the tone for ‘Cast You Out’; laying down the punishing hardcore sound Nicolas Cage Fighter are known for whilst delivering a thought-provoking narrative.

Vocalist Nick Moriarty spoke of this intention recently:

“As a band we simply wanted to deliver a story which detailed living with mental health issues. From the start I have aimed to do this in such a way that it was clearly a story of my own, yet expressed in such a manner that anyone living with mental health problems or challenging life experiences of their own could clearly relate to.”

Although the shortest track on the EP, title track Cast You Out goes heavier on just about everything and delivers a chaotic, riff-laden, metal-as-anything performance.  There was no chance to recover from what I’d experienced before the opening notes of Devil’s Head began playing and it was evident I was in for another dose of pure metalcore.  Despite having already heard Devil’s Head before, I wasn’t prepared for how powerful the song now sounds sitting in its new context of a full EP – Devil’s Head is a shattering and guttural, and everything you want and more from Nicolas Cage Fighter.

Dead Ends doesn’t let up on the clear hadcore energy established with its confronting agression, commanding riffs and dirty breakdowns.  And forget the usual slower, exitlude song included on most records, Nicolas Cage Fighter again show how they do things a little different boasting a sucker-punch of a closer in Exiler.  Accompanied by a similarly dark music video, Exiler rounds out the devastating (devastatingly good!) listening experience ‘Cast You Out’ is.

*The music video for Exiler premiered yesterday via Hysteria Mag

A few years ago I got a tattoo, the title of which was “relentless and unforgiving” and those same two words keep running through my head each time I listen to ‘Cast You Out’.  With recording by Kye Blomeley at K.B Audio, with mixing and mastering from Roman Koester (The Red Shore, Deez Nuts, 50 Lions, Carpathian), Nicolas Cage Fighter have delivered a solid and uncompromising EP showcasing the bands both rawness and yet maturity at the same time.

Nicolas Cage Fighter have previously spoken of work already being underway on a full length album and if ‘Cast You Out’ is anything to go by, teeth-shatteringly good things are coming our way.

‘Cast You Out’ Tracklist:

  1. Black Jackal
  2. Cast You Out
  3. Devil’s Head
  4. Dead Ends
  5. Exiler

Nicolas Cage Fighter’s ‘Cast You Out’ EP will be released on Friday February 5th 2021 and is available for pre-order at their Bandcamp

Nicolas Cage Fighter is:
Nick Moriarty (Vocals) 
Justin Ellis (Guitar) 
Matt Davenport (Drums) 
Tom Bardwell (Bass) 

Follow Nicolas Cage Fighter:

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