ELLERY COHEN Emerges From Lockdown With Melodious New Track ‘Waiting’

Ellery Cohen is one of many artists who spent most of 2020 in the world’s most stringent lockdown. The Melbourne-based singer/songwriter, who uses music therapy in his line of disability support service work, has emerged with a fresh perspective and some seriously great pop, releasing his new song Waiting today.

Somewhat ironically, the song was written about a girl he met whilst travelling Vietnam – a trip he managed to get in before the world’s borders were slammed shut. The song explores the notion of a love you can’t have until the journey of self-discovery feels accomplished. 

“I wrote this song about a girl I met in Vietnam while travelling, she told me that she had left her boyfriend and her life for a year, leaving her life behind. I thought it was so interesting and I wrote a song about what she would say to her boyfriend. It’s a song about love and complexity of relationship and how life can be sometimes. She asks the question ‘will you be waiting'”

Cohen began releasing pop music in 2018 and has since been played on some of Australia’s most renowned mainstream radio stations and has even stopped in his tracks as he heard himself through the speakers while browsing in Kmart and Target.

Known for his heart-on-sleeve songwriting, Waiting is some of Ellery‘s most impressive writing to date – a super catchy pop song – fun and upbeat with a deep meaning under its surface. 



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