INTERNET FRIENDS Release New Single ‘Conscience Clear’

Internet Friends is a sassy group of Perth friends and musicians who came together in 2020 to bring something different to the scene! Indie pop/rock vibes, mixed with tongue-in-cheek themes and a whole lot of attitude – you will stop whatever you are doing to belt out Booka Nile’s often hilarious lyrics!

2021 is about to start off for them with a new single titled Conscience Clear which touches on themes of cyber-bullying and cutting out those toxic so called “friends”. This is a tune you can groove to and a chorus you can absolutely belt out in the car.

The band – fronted by Booka Nile – and made up of her impressive crew of friends, are have released their new single Conscience Clear, available now.

With previous songs about falling in love with one’s Vibrator and about Love basically equating to having a UTI, Internet Friends’ lyrics are generally drowning in innuendo, are sexually-charged and largely satirical.

On top of fronting Internet Friends and being banned from Tinder (it’s a long story!), Booka is also the keyboardist and vocalist in metalcore outfit Make Them Suffer.

Booka spoke about the new single and her songs in general – “My songs generally are all about someone who’s pissed me off badly and instead of managing the conflict like a normal adult… I just write a bitchy song about them.”

BLUNT Mag said of the new single: “…it’s safe to surmise that Conscious Clear doesn’t just slap, it bites too. Indeed through their savvy innuendos, 80s satire and embodiment of being unashamed silly buggers, Internet Friends are developing a knack for unearthing greater truths. The aim of the game for listeners now is to live a good, equitable life lest you become the butt of the joke.”

The band recently expanded their ranks and are now a five-piece, adding Emily Friend into the mix, on backup vocals and guitar. Booka said that she had been looking for someone to add to the band on vocals and to add extra elements to the sound. “I had a barbeque at my house and I had an acoustic guitar out the back with us. I went inside for a minute, only to hear the guitar being played and Emily’s angelic voice – when I came back, I basically said ‘You KNEW I had been looking for another woman to join Internet Friends – I have been really close friends with you for almost 4 years now…and I am SHOOK that I’m only just now discovering that you’re a musician with a golden voice. I thought I knew you man!”

Internet Friends Are: Booka Nile (Guitar, Vocals), Dylan Brown (Bass), Emily Friend (Guitar, Backup Vocals), Tarryn Gapic (Keyboards and Backup Vocals) and Abby Freeman (Drums).

Conscience Clear was Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Tristan Bancroft at Sumo Studios, Mastered by George Georgiadis at Little Wing Production and the song was written by Booka Nile (Internet Friends, Make Them Suffer).

The single is out on all the usual streaming outlets. Listen HERE.

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