Housefox Studios Kicks Off New Season Of Live Studio Recordings + Interviews With Mountain Wizard Death Cult

Sydney’s Housefox Studios kicks into gear with new monthly live studio recordings and interviews being released via their Youtube & Podcasting Channels

Housefox Studios owner & producer Ryan Miller tells us: “After a year of such pure turmoil with its massive ups and downs, I simply wanted to get something positive cranking again. So I decided it was time to get the old YouTube Channel back up and running, interview some bands, make some live recordings and have some fun. Share the love and help promote artists while creating something interesting for all to enjoy”.

The first cab off the rank for this year’s monthly season of Housefox Studios live sessions is Mountain Wizard Death Cult with their tune Eye Of The Sun. MWDC appeared on the scene only 18 months or so ago, and this very tune was their first offering. Since their inception, MWDC has made an undeniable mark on the Sydney scene growing a considerable reputation as one of those bands who put it all on the line and leave nothing behind. Their live shows are explosive, almost paralysing with the band throwing themselves into every riff, groove and vulgar scream they produce as evident even in their studio session. Check out the interview which dives into some pretty interesting topics regarding all things death cults, riffs and good times. But first, sit back, relax, turn it up and let Mountain Wizard Death Cult completely rip your head off with this epic live studio recording fresh from Housefox Studios.  

Watch the Live Studio Recording:

Watch the Interview:



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