BLAKE DANTIER Shares New Single ‘Wish You Were My Beer’

Blake Dantier is back with his latest brew Wish You Were My Beer. It comes hot on the heels of his previous hit single I’d Do It Again which was added to high rotation on ABC CountryKix CountryAustralian Country Radio (amongst others), and spent 9 weeks in The Music Network’s Country Hot 50 airplay charts. It also comes as the result of some first-hand experience in the creation of beer itself.

Dantier says: “For many, 2020 was a big year for new hobbies – for me, that was brewing beer. It started off with just a couple of Coopers tins from Dan Murphy’s. The next thing I knew I’d bought a 40L pot and was making it up from scratch. Now it’s gotten to the point where I work in an actual brewery a couple of days a week! With that much beer on the brain it was inevitable I’d write something about it.”

The inspiration for Wish You Were My Beer comes from the deep well of country music’s history of heartbroken songs about drinking to forget. Dantier says: “I really dig songs like that and it’s not the only song with that theme on the upcoming album. I got the idea from a Brad Paisley song where one of the lines is “I wish I was your beer”. When I heard it, I thought that could be a title itself, but preferred it switched around to “Wish You Were My Beer.”

Wish You Were My Beer was recorded in August 2020 by Simon Johnson (Catherine Britt, Travis Collins) at his Hillbilly Hut studio. The track features Simon on bass, Brad Bergen on drums, Shane Nicholson on acoustic and Blake himself on electric. Dantier says: Duncan Toombs came in and he and I tracked guitars together the whole day, which naturally resulted in a harmonized guitar solo.”

2020 was a big year for Dantier, with two singles gaining him plenty of national exposure and attention. He was the winner of the Country Rock Song of the Year category at the Tamworth Songwriters Salute Awards.  His single Ash and Dust was added to high rotation on ABC CountryKix Country and CMT upon release and spent 9 weeks in The Music Network’s Country Hot 50 airplay charts peaking at #24, with his follow up single I’d Do It Again spending 9 weeks in The Music Network’s Country Hot 50 peaking at #14.

The pandemic has slowed down gigs for the time being but that hasn’t stopped Dantier from being active. He’s just returned from playing at the 2021 Tamworth Country Music Festival where he also attended the Golden Guitar Awards, and with his debut album coming later in the year, big things are certainly brewing.

With a country-rock twang all his own, Blake Dantier is an emerging name in Australia’s country music scene. Wish You Were My Beer is a fresh taste in country music, with a crisp palette and a pleasant aftertaste that leaves you wanting more. 

Listen to/Purchase Wish You Were My Beer right here.

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