Tune In To ‘TAFE’ – Debut Single From NUMBAT

TAFE winds its way through itself, revealing glimpses of the song’s protagonist. Numbat, have beautifully complimented the lyrics with a yearning alt-folk edge, each verse builds into an epic climax, layered with harmonies and cruising licks. TAFE broods with such ferocity you can picture each moment of the lost romance. In the past year, the song has changed its meaning for songwriter Manda after the song’s focus passed away in an accident. 


TAFE Lyrics
But still we’ll sit and think
And I’ll still sit and wonder
Why you wear the same clothes twice
I wish I didn’t care where you slept at night
A world away, but it’s not my place to be here to stay
And I’d run today if I felt I could
But I think of you and I’ve legs of wood
To run might save my breaking heart
But to abandon a race you did barely start
Is a mockery of all that’s true
So don’t fall into me
But I fell into you
And I can’t forget your face

 Manda has been performing solo as Numbat until recently and is a beloved member of our Studio One.Be family, performing on fellow musicians’ tracks, and always spotted at a gig on the weekend. It was only right for us here at Headstone Records to release these songs that Manda has held close to her chest for nearly 5 years.

A nostalgic, saturated sunset, arm out the window, road-tripping kinda folky jam with a perfect arc to pull you out of a slump. If you’re looking for more like Carla Geneve,
Angie McMahon and the like, look no further.

Numbat is a three-piece folk-rock band from Naarm (Melbourne) playing songs about people, places, and things. They like nouns. 

Lead songwriter, Manda, originally performed solo under the name Numbat before finding bass player, Andy, shredding across many local stages. Not long after, in a serendipitous turn of events, drummer Jessie moved cross country and into the spare bedroom of Manda‘s house. Their collective sound is gentle and soothing, yet fierce and crunchy. Expect distortion and angelic harmonies. 

The group has been working hard over the summer on their debut album, due mid-year 2021. Before then you can expect a slew of singles in the lead-up. 

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