FLAMING WREKAGE Release New Single + Video ‘The Voiceless’ + Announce New Album

Flaming Wrekage

Sydney thrash & death metal masters Flaming Wrekage have released The
the first single from their upcoming full-length studio album
‘Cathedral of Bones’. The forthcoming release will be unleashed via Blood
Blast Distribution
on February 25th, 2021 and will be celebrated with a huge
launch at one of Sydney’s best live music venues, The Crowbar on March 5th.

Flaming Wrekage have never been afraid of laying it all on the line.
Countless Australian tours, storming through Europe, and sweating it out in
jam-packed venues throughout Indonesia amongst the dense tropical humidity,
while fans destroyed themselves launching from the rafters. They’ve
dislocated knees on stage, had merch go missing on tour, been locked out of
hotels at 4am, and have even been kicked out of a country! They’ve shared
stages with metal royalty including Soilwork (SWE), Power Trip (USA), Omnium
(Fin), and Psycroptic and throw themselves at everything they do
with full force and uncompromising passion.

True to form, new single The Voiceless and its upcoming video clip dives
deep into some truly personal territory. Sonically, the song is classic
melodeath styles delivered with that Flaming Wrekage flair. A chorus and
hook that grow in size each time you hear them meets a tight grooving riff
throughout the verses. The song sets up for a monumental wall of guitars and
builds into a pummelling crescendo through the middle section. Matt Thornton
delivers one of the most “trustworthy blasts” with rock-solid support from
bassist Lach Campbell on the five-string. Visually, the video clip tells the
story of a girl trapped in silence; voiceless and unheard while a brother
tries desperately to reach out and help, coming face to face with the
reality of the impossible barriers that exist between them.

Dave Lupton (Vocals & Guitar) tells us what the song means lyrically:
This song was pretty challenging to record, not just because it has some
tricky parts for everyone, but because the lyrics are profoundly personal
and the execution had to be perfect. I busted my own chops more than our
engineer/producer Chris Themelco on this one. It had to be right. The song
tackled growing up with my disabled sister and the challenges that that
brings. It was tough for everyone, but none more so than her. My parents
have made a lot of sacrifices and are still very happily married, which is
unbelievable. The song can be interpreted in many ways, but I think the main
takeaway is overcoming the mental battle within yourself and moving through
immense communicative hurdles. I’d like to use this song and video clip to
bring to light the great work that disability workers across Australia do,
and to help expand the limited resources that are available.

This first release proves that Flaming Wrekage are by no means slowing down
on their third album. They continue to further build and develop what was
already an uncompromising sound, into new territories and levels of
progression – still never afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves. If
you haven’t already, now’s a great time to dig through the back catalogue of
one of Australia’s most solid heavy acts. For now, dive into their new
release The Voiceless and get ready for February 25th – when Flaming
unleash ‘Cathedral of Bones’ in full.

Listen to The Voiceless HERE

CATHEDRAL OF BONES’ Out 25th February via Blood Blast Distribution

Cathedral of Bones Album Cover

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