ILLY Releases Highly Anticipated Sixth LP ‘The Space Between’

‘The Space Between’, the long-awaited sixth LP from ARIA Award winning genre-defying artist Illy, is available today. The album, three years in the making, marks a musical evolution for the Melbourne artist, who continues to seamlessly transition between genres and smash perceived boundaries to create his most innovative – and most personal – work to date.

Illy says “I’m so happy to give ‘The Space Between’ to the world. It’s been a journey for me and I feel a great sense of gratitude to have gone through this part of my life. And now that it’s come to its conclusion, I’m very proud of this album. I hope you like it.

The record is Illy’s most introspective to date, diving deep into experiences and moments that have defined his life and perspective.  Illy explains “’The Space Between’ is about change. How much there is from one point to the next, and how those trips – not the destinations – define us. My music has always been about real life, and since last time we spoke, mine happened between albums, relationships, parties, therapy, triumphs, breakdowns, celebrations, mourning … all of it.”

Illy continues “I learnt a lot. About me and people around me. Who’s there for a good time, who’s there for a long time, and who was never really there at all. I learnt to keep it moving, but also to stop and appreciate where you’re at, because the one constant is change. I’m thankful for all of it. 
It all made this album.”

‘The Space Between’ will feature already released I Myself & Me,  Cheap Seats feat. Brisbane outfit WAAX and Loose EndsIlly’s collaboration with Australian favourite G Flip. Also featured on ‘The Space Between’ is the quick-spitting and energetic ARIA nominated Last Laugh , ARIA Platinum single Then What, ARIA Gold single Lean On Me featuring NZ local Robinson, and fan favourite Codes.

Hailed as one of the country’s best live performers of the last decade and recipient of an ARIA for Best Australian Live Act, in late 2020 Illy announced his return to the stage with THE SPACE BETWEEN LAUNCH SHOWS confirmed for January 2021 in both Melbourne & Sydney. Whilst current COVID restrictions meant the Sydney show would need to be re-scheduled, there was no stopping Illy from returning to the stage in his hometown of Melbourne; which un-suprisingly sold out not long after being announced to the public.

From 2009 debut ‘Long Story Short’ to 2010’s breakout ‘The Chase’, 2012’s throwback ‘Bring It Back’, the hugely successful ‘Cinematic’ in 2013 to the benchmark of 2016’s ‘Two Degrees’ –Australia witnessed saw the evolution of Illy as an artist across all spectrums of pop, hip hop, electro and indie. 

Now, after 10 + years honing his craft, Illy has earnt his position as an integral part of the musical fabric of our country through his unmatched lyrical bravado and authentic delivery. ‘The Space Between’ is the culmination of blood, sweat and tears from one of Australia’s most innovative and respected artists.

‘The Space Between’ is OUT NOW

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