FRANK JAMES Is The Last Man Standing In Music Video For Single ‘Friday’

“Friday is one of those true island-vibing tunes that has pure elements of well, just chill.” – AAA Backstage

“Extra chilled one from Frank like it’s been at the back of the fridge – not a bad thing as the sun’s beating down on us atm.” – Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J

“This is quite gorgeous. Super cruisey. Made for a warm, low key day I reckon.” – Claire Mooney, Triple J

“Simplicity wins the day with this one. Smooooooooth AF.” Gemma Pike, Triple J

Frank James is unveiling his new music video to pair with his just-released single Friday that boasts cool volume swelling electric-guitars and mellow, island vibing melodies – watch here.

This laid-back, feel-good track that oozes that Frank James persona has already received support from Double JtheMusicAAA BackstageAus Music Scene and more.

Despite it’s upbeat “live for the day” energy, the track is contrasted by the lyrics that explore the monotony behind going out to drink. The music video parallels these sentiments and underlying theme by following Frank James around on a night out, painting the isolated and distant feeling when someone just isn’t into it anymore and how unfulfilling it can actually be.

Frank James depicts the less elegant and unspoken elements of the party and drinking culture – from the intoxicated state at a party and lying on the pub floor opening another beer to stumbling through the streets and that early morning cab ride home.

Magically, Frank James’ Friday is perfect for a dance and singalong at a party this coming summer while at the same time it is contradicting every part of it. The question that has to be asked is why won’t this grim reality portrayed in this clip stop or even slow anyone (Frank included) down when Friday night comes around?

Drink responsibly this summer. Friday is out now.


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