No one needs to be reminded that 2020 has been a year we would all rather forget. There has never been a time in recorded history where the entire planet has been affected by one thing all at once. I mean, how many times did you see the meme ‘Will the last person to leave the planet please turn off the lights’?

Of all the songs that have been written about this year I think the Hilltop Hoods summed it up better than anyone lyrically in their pandemic single I’m Good? with the simple statement “Twenty twenty’s nothing but an unshaved ballbag”. We all tried to adapt the best way we knew how. Working from home, once a dream of many, became a procrastinators nightmare. You leant you could do either eight hours of work in 30 minutes or 30 minutes of work in eight hours.

We all felt it. Especially our music industry. Not just the bands, but the crew, the venues, all forms of creative industries that embody the arts and also, those of us who need the energy of live music to just simply exist. However, on a positive note, Australia has faired better than most and one thing that has evolved from our lack of contact with the outside world is the importance of local business.

Good Call Live has been reaching out to our local music legends to find out some of their local favourites they want to give a shout out to and support this Christmas.

Gray Vickers plays killer lead guitar for local masters of rock These Four Walls and with their third album ‘This Is Not A Future’ dropping in March, it now seems eerily prophetic in a way. But, the Future is looking bright for these NZ-bred-now-Qld-local boys, recently announced in the line up of Brisbane’s newest event, The Other Festival as well a major supporting gig for New Zealand’s Devilskin, hitting our shores in February.

Gray Vickers by Ummugummamumma Photography

Gray has shared with us his 12 Local’s To Support and there are some top quality businesses in this list spread out between Brisbane and the Gold Coast (just like the band members themselves). We love his list, here at Good Call Live and have a soft spot for many of theses business ourselves. So read on, find out why Gray rates these businesses and give some love to our local legends this Christmas.

Nothing says Queensland quite like the scorching sun beating down on you while you put away delightfully cold brews and some tasty food. Revel is a convenient 15 minute stroll to, and a 3 minute Uber from, my place. The beverages are delightful, the wood fired pizza is exceptional, and the vibe is on point. www.revelbrewingco.com.au

Let’s be honest, we’re all missing the hell out of our favourite bands at the moment. 2020 has been an empty void and although my tinnitus has been thankful for it, I feel like I’m missing out on really connecting with our audience and being a part of all the excitement. If you’re looking to support your favourite local then head to their socials, their bandcamp, their dodgy homemade WordPress webstore – anywhere they’re selling their merch – and get buying. Any and all help keeps these acts inspired and excited. www.bandcamp.com

We’ve known Ricky T as long as we’ve had even half a toe in Australia. He’s a deadset legend and he sports a handlebar moustache like nobody’s business. He’s also created an absolutely killer line of apparel celebrating the vibrant nature of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. Top quality wares from a top quality bloke! www.facebook.com/fortitudebrandbris

While we’re on sweet threads, you can’t go past Roadsick Apparel. Roadsick was created by the road crew that keep the Australian Music Industry moving and do a lot of amazing work to keep that community whole. Their recent partnership with Support Act has been my undisputed t-shirt of 2020. www.roadsick.com.au

Need a new favourite instrument, or looking at picking up a new hobby? The crew at Guitar World know their instruments and are always ready to help find something specific. On top of this, Steve (Gibb, TFW) works there, and he’s always ready to greet you with a smile and a G’day mate – even if you’re just having a sticky beak! www.guitar.com.au

If there’s anything 2020 has taught us, is that there’s always money in the banana stand, I mean, online… Musicians, creatives, gamers, entertainers – it seems like everyone has their own Twitch channel these days – even a few of us do – and it’s proving to be a great platform to engage with your favourite local content creators and support them directly to help them grow, develop, and entertain the masses. http://www.twitch.tv

Not surprisingly, the lack of gigs have definitely encouraged musicians to shift back into song writing mode and good lord there have been some banger tracks released this year. If you have some bangers in your back pocket that you’re looking at recording and releasing into the world, there’s no better studio than Studio Circuit to do it in. Great vibe, great sound – it’s just a great place, and it’s where we recorded all the drums for our newest album “This is Not a Future”. www.studiocircuit.com.au

While you’re at Studio Circuit tracking your next masterpiece, make sure you swing by Parlour for quite possibly the best coffee and breakfast on the Gold Coast. The team there really know their beans, and every cup is an absolute delight. If you’re a coffee fiend like we are, you couldn’t possibly spend a day recording blast beats without it. www.instagram.com/parlour_coffee

I’m an absolute sucker for a place that can offer a wide variety of beverages and cracking pub grub. Brewdog has both in spades, and with plenty of excellent gluten free and vegan options. They also have sail-through service if you want to hoon you boat up to their dock and pickup a 6 pack for your next high seas expedition! www.brewdog.com/uk/locations/brewery/brisbane

Not only is our drummer a rhythmic force to be reckoned with, he’s also a phenomenal Graphic Designer and freelance web designer. From tour posters and band merch, all the way through to corporate collateral, websites, and webstores – anything is possible with Nonemoreblack. www.nonemoreblack.com.au

Looking something awesome to do with the crew, or maybe that perfect first date? The legends at Lumber Punks not only know how throw axes like Kratos, they know how to have a damn good time doing it! Based on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, this might be the most fun a person can have with an axe, outside of an excellent Gimli cosplay! www.lumberpunks.com

It can’t be said enough – our extending musical family have had a rough go of it this year. Not just bands, but the road crew, the bars, the venues – everyone who is a part of this wild circus. It’s amazing to see the hard work Support Act have been doing to check in with everyone, help represent them at all levels of government, raise money for them, and generally do their best to help keep everyone afloat. If you find a spare dollar in your account after all of the Christmas madness, there’s no better time to find it a new home. www.supportact.org.au

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