WALKEN Close The Year With Music Video For ‘Hindsight’

Photo by Will Johnstone

Brissy trio WALKEN are closing their brilliant year of releases today with an exhilarating one-shot music video for newest single and alt-rock pop gem Hindsight. The release comes ahead of the band’s appearance at Brisbane’s much-loved Mountain Goat Valley Crawl in February. 

Filmed with frequent creative collaborator Will Johnstone, the single shot clip captures the live energy WALKEN have become known for, meandering between members on-stage before erupting in a fast-paced flurry of guitars, vocals and drums at the song’s peak. 

Frontman Matt Cochran explains Hindsight was written after a relationship breakdown with a close friend. “We didn’t see eye to eye and in the end, we eventually grew apart.”

“It talks about how we both treated each other poorly, how I disassociated from the situation by binging comedy shows like The Mighty Boosh and Arrested Development, the self-realisation of which blink-182 member I relate most to in adulthood, and there’s also some not-so-subtle Radiohead + Lord of the Rings nods in there.”


Hindsight is another step forward for the band into their revitalised pop-leaning approach to songwriting, drawing influence from the likes of blink-182, PUP, Pixies, Screamfeeder, Heatmiser, and Silversun Pickups

“Beej (drums) and I really wanted the verses to have a borderline disco drum feel – I think that came from listening to ‘Landmine’ by I Know Leopard a lot during the recording and mixing process.” 

The single was recorded at Bedlam Records in 2019, with the drum machine, keyboards, and mallets recorded at Matt Cochran’s home studio. With a background in mixing for other artists previously, Hindsight is also the first WALKEN track Cochran has mixed. 

“It was a super eye-opening and fun process, trying to nail a hi-fi radio quality mix on one of my own tracks.”


Saturday 6th February 2021 – Mountain Goat Valley Crawl – Brisbane, QLD 



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