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Oh, 2020. Don’t think we’ll ever forget you, but we are sure as hell eager to say goodbye! Weirdly though, there’s been positives to come from this year – we can definitely feel the vibe, it’s in the air – It seems like everybody is ready to unite, flip 2020 a giant bird and support our locals – musicians, creatives, cafes, live music venues…

If you’re stuck for ideas for gifts or things to do to spend you well earned cash locally, Good Call Live has you covered! We asked some local scene legends to give us their “12 Locals To Support This Christmas”!

Fiona Savino is the drummer of The Automaton, a quality killer local heavy outfit that really impress and mesmerize in a live setting. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you catch them at a gig! Next month they are playing their biggest show to date, supporting Sunset Junkies, along with Sabrina Lawrie and The Aunties at Brisbane’s The Zoo – GET YOUR TICKETS HERE. 2021 will also see The Automaton head back into the studio in January to finish recording their debut album AND releasing some fresh singles! We can’t wait!

Fi’s shared with us her 12 locals to support this Christmas … and we are keen as hell to get out to some of these!

Cleveland Cobblers is owned by the very groovy Peter and Gay. It is a Cobblers/Record shop. The collection is small but potent A.F. If you dig your classics then you will love it here. They make a pointed effort to make it affordable and the chances are you are going to have a great conversation with these 2 because they are an encyclopaedia of knowledge when it comes to the Brisbane music scene.”

Byron Short (also of Sunset Junkies) is a music teacher/producer artist and basically a walking institution of musical knowledge. Byron does private one on one music lessons for guitar and singing. He is an established blues musician and producer. I think the best teacher is someone who leads by example and you may go in for a singing lesson but end up leaving with a whole bunch of hot tips and tricks on how to run your music career. He comes to you with real life experience and you only have to meet this beautiful human being once to know why he is so well respected by so many within our music scene.”

Wax Espresso make coffee and they sell records in the same shop. Do I need to say anything else? Probably not, but I will. Their shop is covered in music history and Cara and Mark know their shit. Do you remember Moshpit Music? In Maroochydore? Well that’s where their shop is. It’s got that magic in the air. Go do a day trip, you won’t regret it. Their selection is hand picked and full of treasures.”

Trade Route is a business that connects the seller straight to the buyer and cuts out the corporate middle man. A kind of online market stall if you will. Producers, growers, chef’s, tonic makers and elixir witchers – where you at? Are you hustling all week busting your hump to make mere pennies at the markets? Get in touch with Trade Route NOW and they will provide you with another avenue to move your product to a broader market without you having to do all the heavy lifting.  It’s easy to sign up and completely free. That sounds dope if you ask me.”

Liannes Gem Creations are all hand made by the effervescent Lianne who hand creates her own stunning crystal jewellery. Her works are minimalistic yet stunning statement pieces. I know for sure every piece is made with love. Best part, it’s super affordable.”

Love From Mum is heartfelt food. Grazing boxes and sweet treats. I know for sure this food is made with all the love from Jade a mum of 3 who is absolutely passionate about making food. Let love from mum take your order for your next shindig.”

Jawson aka hex.runt is one of the most unique and striking artists that I’ve ever come across. His work is, in his words “Art directly inspired by nightmares” If you have a tendency to be in touch with your shadow self and like to dabble on the darker side of life, you need to go creep on his art stat. He has done work for Knudret Kommerdod, Bass Traitor and Orbyssmal so far and he also plucks giant strings for new Brissy thrash monsters Idle Ruin. Double shout out, coz he’s worth it.”

Sound Out Studios. VIBE. That’s the first word that describes Casper’s beautifully decked out recording studio. Casper is a professional drummer, playing in bands for over 10 years and has recently finished a Degree in Music with a Post Graduate Honours in Arts and Design. Combining all these passions into reality, Sound Out Studio was born in Morningside where Casper records bands and also offers live videos to go along with this at no extra cost. Your video is then featured on Sound Out Live YouTube channel. Casper has a calming, warm and welcoming vibe and with a wealth of knowledge, he’ll go out of his way to make you feel at ease when recording.”

Zenith Records is a record pressing plant based in Melbourne and this is meant to be a local write up however, these guys are the only record pressing plant in Australia that I’m aware of, so they’re definitely worth a mention. I recently placed an order with them and I was an extremely inquisitive customer, but I have to tell you, no question was too much trouble for these guys to answer. The wonderful world of vinyl is a deep rabbit hole especially from the production side of things. If you are getting vinyl printed, save yourself the research and just go straight to the top dogs.”

Vintage Revival is an op shop like no other. This particular op shop gets first dibs at Lifeline’s second hand stuff from around Brisbane and it has the cream of the crop garments and accessories inside this magical treasure cove. In this day and age, if you are plowing through Kmart unconsciously feeding the fast fashion machine beast then I highly recommend you Google ‘slow fashion’ and behind that consider checking out this incredible op shop. In particular it is fantastic for costumes and a statement outfit for your next special occasion.”

Nom Nom Bao or better known to our tribe as “Nom Noms” is across the road from The Brightside in the valley. My dudes, they got the best bao buns I’ve ever tasted and Karaoke, man if you want to have a good time you gotta get to that joint. Totally affordable too.”

Music Express is my go to music store. I play drums and they have just enough stuff there to cover all my drumming needs. I’ve played with my original set up of tom sizes and always forget what skin sizes I need. They made sure to record all my history of purchases so whenever I go in I don’t need to stress about it and I have to mention they ALWAYS let me put gig flyers up in their store which goes a long way in my books man. Fuck yeah!!!”


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