12 LOCALS TO SUPPORT THIS CHRISTMAS With Shannon-Lee Sloane – The Colourful Writer + Good Call Live

Shannon AKA The Colourful Writer/ boss lady at Good Call Live at home with her beloved pink couch and dog Lady Bella.

2020 has been like a slap in the face with a cold, wet fish. Unexpected, hard, fast, terribly unpleasant and leaving a sting long after it’s gone. Though, as they say, for every negative, there’s a positive and even a sharp jolt that changes your reality can have a positive impact. One thing the chaos of 2020 has done is unite us. Especially within industries that have been hardest hit and most negatively impacted, such as our beloved music industry. So now, more than ever, people are wanting to unite and support those in need, support local musicians, bands, live music venues, creative and artistic businesses and even more than that – just a bigger urge than ever to support your locals, no matter what industry or field. Just support local! Which here at Good Call Live is something we base our very foundation on. 

With Christmas time fast approaching, it’s a perfect time to support our locals! If you’re stuck for ideas for gifts or things to do to spend you well earned cash locally, Good Call Live has you covered.

As one of the boss ladies at Good Call Live, I have taken some time out of my ridiculously busy schedule to pen down my top 12 locals to support this Christmas. 

Cassi Marie is a local young creative who is not only a talented musician, but also creates beautiful and quirky clothing, jewelry and accessories under the name Lost Minds Clothing. I recently placed a big custom order with Cassi for some special Christmas gifts and I am so happy with how they all turned out. Cassi is professional, polite and so easy to deal with, she made sure I got exactly what I wanted and nothing was a hassle. The perfect first candidate for my 12 locals to support this Christmas! Support her music and Lost Minds Clothing!

I have been blessed to know Liss for many moons. Since we were teens in fact. Just think of the movie ‘Clueless’ and that kind of explains how we met. I was the dorky new girl and Liss took me under her wing and made sure I didn’t feel alone. Liss and I started a ‘Writers Club’ in high school, back then penning poetry and lyrics. Fast forward quite a few years and here we both are, still writing, but in different forms. Liss is an author who writes brilliant books full of mystery and romance and I write in the music world. Liss currently has three books you can purchase, with many more to come. You can check out her memoir titled ‘The Curator – A Memoir of Motherhood,’ along with her two fictional novels, ‘Shielded’ and ‘Forgettable’ right here. I don’t know about you, but I love getting books for Christmas.

One of the hardest working bands in Brisbane and made up of four of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. PistonFist have been dubbed ‘Petrol Rock’ – but really they are just pure, hard and heavy rock, no bullshit! The four guys, Geoffro, Jimmy, Link and Sammy all put their hearts into their music and their overall energy that shines through their music and performances has seen them pick up a huge following for a local Brisbane band faster than you can say “punch like a piston!” Check out PistonFist and support them by following them on their socials, buying their merch and getting along to their gigs. Their next show is ‘Merry Metal Krismas’ at the Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage this Sunday – event page here. Buy their merch by reaching out to them via their Facebook page here. Who doesn’t want live music and band merch for Christmas!?

Everyone who knows me and knows Good Call Live knows that we support live music venues with an undying passion. Any venue that works hard to bring us live music and support the local live music scene deserves our support. But, every now and then, a venue comes along that deserves extra love and support, because they are just that gosh darn awesome. Ken, who owns and runs King Lear’s Throne in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley is just an all round good guy. A top bloke who runs his business similarly to how I run mine, in that he does it for the love and passion of supporting his local music scene. He looks after his staff, punters and musicians alike. If you want some of the best sour beers, shots and cocktails around as well as wonderful service and always being greeted at the door by Ken himself, then head to King Lear’s Throne!

One of the North Sides best kept secrets! The most beautiful little café nestled in the bush at the Old Petrie Town Markets, The Bush Store Café is my favourite place to go for a delicious vegetarian meal. A small family owned business run by Anita and Mike, two of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet. Most of the fresh organic ingredients come from their own garden! And they sell chutneys, jams and relishes too that would be perfect to pop in a Christmas hamper! They don’t have social media but you can follow the Old Petrie Town page here. The Bush Store Café is open most Sundays, best you pop in and ask to go on their mailing list, they then email you when they are going to be open and send you their menu.

I just know some new ink for Christmas is something on a lot of peoples lists, am I right? Go and see the amazing team at Brisbane BodyArt for some sweet new ink! Owned and run by the lovely Geoffro and Nicky and with talented tattooists like Nyssa and more, it’s a great choice to support this local family owned business. Gift vouchers are available for Christmas! Check out their Facebook page for more info here.

The most beautiful hand made crystal necklaces and other jewelry. You can have pieces custom made or purchase those already created by the wonderful Fi. She also makes amazing guitar pic earrings and other quirky and fun pieces. Earth Piece Crystals is currently only on Instagram and you can check them out right here. With their natural beauty and healing properties, crystals are a perfect gift for Christmas.

If you like your punk with a good serving of cola, lip gloss and four talented members who really know how to put on a fun live show, then you’ll love Mitch, Please. With songs about vying for the attention of neighborhood cats, carrying spare shirts sewn into the shirt you’re wearing, getting drunk on cola and creating your own shaped pits instead of the standard circle pits, this band has it all. They are a bunch of super creative, musical souls, who have banded together to create a band that’s pretty gosh darn special in my opinion and I believe they deserve a buttload of support. Check out Mitch, Please, buy their merch and get to their shows, please. Get your merch here + details of their upcoming shows here. Big love for Polly, Nick, Ryan and Kayla.

A local artist who explains herself as “an independent artist with an abundance of interests and a scarcity of spoons.” Stacey Lehane provides a variety of art you should very much check out and purchase! From spec fiction, to vector patterns, to pet portraits and more. Find out more right here.

“My aim in creating art is to deliver something meticulously heartwarming – sometimes absurd but always optimistic. I like worlds where the girl gets the girl, axolotls can kickflip, and monsters are real but are mostly your bros.

Life is hard; hug a werewolf.”Stacey Lehane

My kids love books. There is one book we purchased this year, written by a friend of mine, Adam France. This book, has been devoured by my middle child over and over again. Sometimes we read it together, sometimes he reads it alone. Either way, it has dog eared edges from being read so many times in the last year. I highly recommend you pop this one in your kids Christmas stocking this year! Get your copy of ‘Paddy T. and the Time-Travelling Trampoline’ from various book stores and online. For more info, go here. Adam is a man who wears many creative hats. I have art from him on my wall, books in my bookshelf and I have seen him play live in bands too. A man of many talents, also a school teacher, I am happy to support him in his creative endeavors and I think you should too.

The best online store for alternative and quirky clothing, accessories, homewares and more! Beserk is based in Windsor in Brisbane and is by far my favourite place to shop online for clothes, stockings, hair colour and quirky gifts. My personal favourite brands they stock include Killstar, Music Legs and Lime Crime. Run by the beautiful Fleur, Michelle and a team of really lovely people, Beserk is a great place to shop this Christmas for something a little left of center, which is totally up my alley!

Music and hats are my thing. It’s funny how these two things can go hand in hand too, with many musicians donning hats on stage or in press shots to go with their style and musical vibe. A good hat is like the icing on the cake to a good outfit. Brisbane Hatters is by far the best hat shop in Brisbane! With a hat for everyone and for every occasion. From berets to safari hats to top hats and so much more. If you’re unsure on what hat to get a loved one for Christmas, you can grab a gift voucher instead. Stocking Akubra, Brixton, Avenel, Barmah, Camilo, Kangol, Tilley, Failsworth and more. There is even a range that was created in association with Joe Strummer’s (The Clash) estate to honour him by with the Brixton ‘Out Of Control’ fiddler caps, brood caps and a fedora style too. A small shop with a big heart, Brisbane Hatters is run by the wonderful Tess with Tina close by her side and their team of mad hatters. Shop in store or online for high quality hats this Christmas.

These 12 are just some of the many wonderful people and places I support and recommend. Support your locals this Christmas! Wishing all our readers and followers a safe, happy and wonderful Christmas after one long and kinda’ shitty year!

With love and good music,

Shann xx

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