PRESS CLUB Announce ‘The Electric Eagle Soars Again’ Tour

Clambering disheveled from underneath their respective stones, Press Club, announce their return to the tarmac of this great, southern land. The group will return to shattering hearts and odometers in 2021 when they repatriate with their true home. Ibis Budgets, calloused hands, and the ever-vibrant after midnight souvlaki scene, garlic sauce dripping onto the tops of airplane dehydrated leather shoes.

The band have flicked the switch to nuke the eastern seaboard through January and February 2021. In a music industry landscape where the goalposts keep shifting, Press Club are torpedo from the half-forward flank of the MCG. Hurtling in any capacity towards real rock and roll concerts.

It’s been a day and a year since the bands last headline show in 2019. In the time since they have been using any legal minute to spit out new songs together. Given the time in between drinks, anticipate tunes unheard, songs unsung and notes unplayed.

Press Club descend like flies for sixteen shows across Australia. The majority of dates having two shows to deal with the staggering demand for blood pumping through veins and speakers cracking. 

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