SUPERHEIST Release New Song ‘Seize The Day’ In Memory Of SEAN ‘SEANHEIST’ PENTECOST

Today Australia’s favourite purveyors of nu-metal Superheist released a memorial track Seize The Day for their former long-time drummer and co-founding member Sean “Seanheist” Pentecost, who was  an integral member of the band in their most successful era of dominance between 1994 and 2004, and  who sadly passed away earlier this year.  

The song which featuring past and present members of ‘The Heist’ sees Drew Dedman on bass duty, Keir Gotcha and Richie ‘dw’ Norton on guitar, John Sankey on drums, and showcasing an incredibly cohesive  tonal collaboration is dw and Simon Durrant on vocals, all packaged up and mastered by Superheist’s live sound engineer and long-time friend Theron Rennison; Seize The Day was written and produced in the musical style that Sean loved the most in honour of his life. 

“This song is about paying our respects to Sean, and we hope all of you can do the same by being  respectful and playing this track loud and sharing it far and wide.” dw Norton  

Seize The Day will feature on the upcoming Superheist album ‘MMXX’ which is due for release  early next year via Black Mountain Music, with the song available now as a free download for all who wish to remember Sean

Grab your FREE digital download of Seize The Day from the Superheist Bandcamp page.

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