MOFOISDEAD Drop New Single ‘The Gospel Of Engadine’

Mofo Is Dead

A year on from the bushfires, Brisbane riff lords MOFOiSDEAD (in a nod to @DAVEMILBO) make a sonic departure to ask the question “WHAT DOES SCOTTY FROM MARKETING DO?”

Coming off the heels of the release of their last single Displacer in April 2020, Brisbane power trio MofoIsDead‘s latest track The Gospel of Engadine takes a left turn by departing from their signature style of soaring vocals over big rock riffs with a progressive twist. With Engadine, singer/guitarist Paul Galagher‘s plaintive vocal brings the song’s lyrical message to the forefront, supported by one of the more straight-up rock arrangements yet delivered by the band, resplendent with a fireside singalong and a guitar solo to inspire one’s dankest bluesface.

So, what was the message the band felt was so important to convey?

Between September 2019 and March 2020, the world watched on as bushfires tore relentlessly through Australia’s south east. The scale of death and destruction wrought by the fires was unprecedented. And the response from Australia’s prime minister, Scott Morrison? Let’s just say it didn’t quite align with the public’s expectations.

As a concerned member of said public, Paul decided that the PM’s response was worthy of being documented in song. And so, The Gospel of Engadine was born.

The Gospel of Engadine serves as a timely reminder of one of the most devastating chapters in Australia’s history. A chapter that was subsequently obscured by the global pandemic that came in its wake, hoovering up any media attention that may have been justifiably focused on the bushfires. And a chapter that does not paint PM Scott Morrison in the most favourable light. 

The Gospel Of Engadine is out Now!
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