Well, it’s been quite the year, 2020. You’ve had the obvious negatives and brought us all down. But somehow, through all the seemingly never-ending chaos and disruption, you’ve managed to unite us too. We are all, more than ever, looking for even the smallest ways to support our locals – musicians, creatives, cafes, live music venues… And now with Christmas time fast approaching, it’s a perfect time to do some more of that!

If you’re stuck for ideas for gifts or things to do to spend you well earned cash locally, Good Call Live has you covered! We asked some local scene legends to give us their “12 Locals To Support This Christmas”!

Simon Benson is the vocalist and guitarist of Baltimore Gun Club, who currently have 3 music videos in production, will have a new song out early 2021 with a very different sound than you’d expect… Benson is also the vocalist of RHINO, who are writing some amazing new material and will be bunkering down to finish off their debut EP in the new year – much to fans delight! He’s shared with us his 12 locals to support this Christmas and we especially love that this list includes the hot tip on Brisbane’s best Bloody Mary… not just that, but tips on the best People Watching spots and how to stay a little less stressed this time of year too – Handy!

The Glycereens, have just released their debut 7”, ‘Neon City Lights’ through Evil Tone Records. I had the pleasure to share the stage with them a while ago and absolutely love what they are doing and their old school punk ethic. Definitely a band to watch and support! Hit up eviltonerecordsaus.bigcartel.com to get your hands on this limited release!:

“Breakfast! Breakfast is the most important ……… blah blah blah. The Low Road Cafe in Windsor is my local. Great people, great music and even better food. The specials are always changing and mind blowing good. Best part about The Low Road is that if you are still feeling a tad seedy and aren’t ready to eat you can sample Brisbane’s best Bloody Mary!”

“Outdoor Riff Fest ‘Riffmageddon 2020‘ is locked and loaded for Friday December 18th at The Brightside and will feature some of the greatest up and coming acts from Queensland – RHINO, The Blackwater Fever, Death by Carrot, Fumarole, Gutterfire, Kobrakai, Stoker, Human Dinosaur Machine and Odyseus Reborn. Give a festival ticket as an early Christmas present and we’ll see you there.”

“Support 4ZZZ – Australia’s longest running community broadcaster is right here in Brisbane! ZZZ have been great supporters of local music including bands i’ve played in over the years – We (BGC) were lucky enough to come in #5 last year on the Hot 100. Become a subscriber and receive discounts at local business as well as helping our local broadcaster.”

“Brisbane’s best Gnocchi: Those who know me will attest to my gnocchi affliction. I’ll save you all the harrowing ordeal of seeking out Brisbane’s best. Head to Colle Rosso Ristorante Italiano in Red Hill  (20 Restaurants surveyed – hence my peak physical condition).”

“Shout out to my main man HRYMA: There isn’t anything this guy can’t do , He has designed posters, logos & cover art for heaps of Brisbane bands over the years. He also pens old school frame by frame hand drawn animation – one film clip he worked on took 6 months and ended up on RAGE.”

“I recently had a run of shirts done by Mitchy at Slosh Screenprinting and was blown away by the detail, price and turnaround. Slosh only use organic cotton tees and environmentally friendly inks which appeal to my inner hippy.”

“The great thing about this place is the sheer volume of bit & pieces , collectables and furniture they have. Each little section is run by a different person so you get a huge variety of stock that is constantly updated. Set inside the old Plaza Theatre on Latrobe Tce in Paddington which was built in 1929 , it is a fantastic space to just walk around and take in. Man… that blue ceiling gets me every time.”

“Too hard to split : Equal points to Tomcat & King Lear’s Throne. The thing that makes these venues stand out and appeal to me are the staff. The beautiful bloody staff! The punters are always good people too – except for that one person that time in the smoko at Tomcat. Ping Ping Piiiing.”

“Yep it’s TYM Guitars. Where else can you go and get your Russian Muff fixed, see Shellac play, dig through vinyl and try out the best guitars/amps & pedals in Brisbane? TYM Guitars.”

“Cmon, who doesn’t enjoy a good people watch : Upstairs at Jimmy’s On the Mall in Queen Street is great because you get to have a beer and are situated right in thick of Brisbane. Hungry Jacks view is good too for those who want to relive their youth. If the city ain’t your bag and frankly I don’t blame you – head to RG’s. However, word of warning: If your People Watching is a day shift , pre load a few drinks before you arrive ….there’s some characters in that smoking area.”

“Don’t go to a single shopping centre until after January 4. People muling about. No purpose. No consideration for others …. Just stay away. I was at a supermarket in Lutwyche the other day and saw Campbell Newman and his wife, now I buy my groceries online.

Have a tolerable Christmas.”



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