BURNING JACOBS LADDER Debuts With Single ‘Danger In Me’

“Multi-talented newcomer Burning Jacobs Ladder delivers a strong debut” – Music Is My Muse

In a brand new project, Jake Johnson (Gold Coast) under the moniker of Burning Jacobs Ladder is debuting with a chugging, fuzz-driven whirlwind of alternative rock in the single Danger In Me – Out now!

Written, performed (bass, drums, guitar and vocals), mixed and mastered entirely by himself, Johnson has produced a track that not only marks his solo debut but showcases his wide skillset as a recording engineer and songwriter/ performer.

Out of the gates, Danger In Me imbues a sense of confidence despite the looming danger ahead, like a menacing storm rolling over a foreboding desert that has to be crossed. The rolling rhythm on the drums is paired with a wall of overdriven-guitar and bass riffs while more high-gained guitar layers generate swelling feedback and play melody lines and counter rock rhythms. Johnson’s vocal delivery stays cool, calm and collected until the final chorus where everything lets loose.

Despite being a high-powered track that seems to stir unperturbed confidence, the track is actually about mental health, doubt and escapism. Johnson explains:

“The track is about the side of you that you don’t like and you try to bury. You doubt your own decisions and try to escape from them and the environment that you find yourself in. In the end, you are longing for something you know is harmful and being torn between the two.” 

Johnson has no doubt come out strong, but there is plenty more that Burning Jacobs Ladder has to offer.This debut start will quickly be continued at the beginning of 2021.


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