GUS AND JIM Release Debut EP ‘Out Of Harbour’ + New Single ‘Lovely Lady’

Gus & Jim are a two piece indie-rock band originally formed in Canberra after meeting in 2007. Remaining close friends for 13 years, Gus & Jim first produced music together in 2012, having since gained international attention with their hit song Boyhood in 2016, garnering a slew of playlists and over 100k spins. Following on from the release of All They’ll See and Emua, the duo have released the final track of their new EP ‘Out Of Harbour’, Lovely Lady.

Influenced by a diverse range of artists, the new EP takes Gus & Jim in a new direction from earlier more melancholic music, attempting to bring focus to the beauty that can be found in common and simple experiences, like sitting on a doorstep in the light of a setting sun or finding a special connection with new friends. This friendship allows the recording process to happen organically which is aided by the fact Gus records and produces all of their music from his own bedroom studio. Because of how far apart the boys live, whenever Jim can make it up to Brisbane it’s for a few days at a time. This leaves plenty of room for writing, recording, relaxing and perhaps enjoying an evening brew or two.

Feeling as though they’ve matured in many ways since they began writing music together, Gus & Jim hope for this enhanced sense of capability and responsibility to connect fans with the new content they’ve produced for the EP. Recorded while Gus was living in Brisbane while completing his studies to become a doctor, and Jim living in regional New South Wales working as an ambulance paramedic, the duo explain “The recording and production process for Gus and Jim’s new EP was at times an emotional one. While recording the final track, “Lovely Lady”, Jim was experiencing some pretty severe heartache, and was actually crying during some of the final vocal takes. He now likes the raw emotion this brings out in the track.” This similar raw and honest emotion can be heard throughout ‘Out Of Harbour’.



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